Monday, July 30, 2007

Reality Bytes

Here's a little confession for you ... I L.O.V.E. reality shows. I like shows like So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol ... but I REALLY enjoy watching all those horrible shows that have a bunch of people in the house and Drama after Drama after Drama. ESPECIALLY with dating shows.

Well, I mean, I haven't really gotten into the bachelor or anything like that but, I just can't stop watching Rock of Love. That show CRACKS me up! Those girls are so catty ... it's like watching a train wreck. I sit there in front of the TV with my mouth open just watching how horrible these girls are to each other. Sometimes ... I want to find out where these girls live and go and kill them because I think that they are so freaking stupid! But I keep watching!

I also love watching Bridezilla. I could sit around and laugh at that show for hours ... those girls get so worked up over NOTHING! They are so crazy for no reason what so ever! And honestly, I doubt that their marriages last very long because even their husband says horrible things about them! This one that I was watching last night ... the guy was helping set up stuff and was like "This is (name)'s face right here" as he was hammering something into the ground. There needs to be some serious re-evaluation in that relationship.

Oh! And My Super Sweet 16. I wish that I could find those kids years later when everything isn't always given to them on a silver platter and see how bad their life sucks. Those kids are so absolutely selfish and can only think about themselves ... and it's all the parents fault! I refuse to raise my children like that!! Apparently, there is a movie out now on DvD about Super Sweet 16 ... but in the commercial the girls are like "Oh, and we'll have everyone bring toys so that we can donate them to other children ... because THAT is what having a party is all about." Except that is NOT what the actual kids that are throwing these parties are thinking. All the do is cry because they don't get a Bentley, or their parents say "no" to their idea about going overseas for a year of HIGH SCHOOl. It always works out in the end to their advantage though ... which just makes it worse, because they think that forever will they be able to cry about something and get their way. Stupid Stupid Stupid kids.

But yeah, I can't stop watching them! It's just great entertainment ... maybe it's because I'm nosy and I like to know what's going on in other people's worlds ... I don't really know. But whatever it is ... Reality TV is the best thing to happen to my nightly shows!!


Amanda Leigh said...

I'm so into Rock of Love. It was kinda sad when they sent that crazy Tiffany woman home cause she was so insane to watch. I can't stand that old leather lookin' country talkin' Rodeo. Come on now, that cannot be her real name!

I shamelessly watched I Love New York when that was on and I can't wait for I Love NY 2 to start. I never missed an episode of Charm School either. VH1 may be my favorite channel. Scott Baio is 45 & Single has me hooked too..

Now My Super Sweet 16 though.. I can't watch it. I cannot stomach those spoiled brats getting everything they want wheneve they want it. I can't wait till life bitch slaps 'em in the face!

Christy Jo said...

I think there is already so much drama in my life, that that's why I can't stomach drama reality shows. But I LOVE SYTYCD :)

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Oh it would help to say that it's Kristin (pureshininglight). Aka anonymous. LOL

Anonymous said...

ps I used to have a Harry Potter coloring book! How fun is that? Being in your 20's and having coloring books! It's the best!