Saturday, July 21, 2007


So, officially ... I have finished the Harry Potter series. But I am not saddened by this, because like any great thing, it will live on forever. As I mentioned before in a previous blog, even though the books are officially over with ... there is still two more movies left ... and by that time hopefully an entirely new generation will discover what Harry has in store for them.

I will not talk about the book any further at this moment, because I don't want to ruin it for others. Instead ... I wanted to discuss the ideas and thoughts that this book has made me realize in the short time that it took me to read it.

This might sound stupid ... and if it does ... just stop reading ... but this series, especially this last book, has changed my outlook on a lot of things. Love really does "conquer all" and it probably isn't even in the way that you think or want it to be. The past ten years, I have felt bonded to these characters ... as if I have experienced exactly what they have. And in short I have.

Loss, Love, Grief, Friendship, Acceptance ... everyone has experienced these things. And that my friends is what makes an amazing protagonist. Give me someone that I can relate too ... and I'll love you forever.

I encourage those of you have that not read the series to do so. I encourage those that have to read them again. And I encourage any writer's out there to get to writing ... because now I have nothing to read!


Aggie said...

It's cool that you enjoyed the series over such a long period of time. The themes are eternal ones and its been nice to have it mixed in with a little bit of magic.
I haven't read it yet ... but I'll get to it. Everyone is saying its the best one.

Amanda Leigh said...

I'm so glad I finished the book. Now I'm gonna read them all over again. Long live Harry Potter!