Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A new start

It has come to my attention that I have been neglecting my blogging skills for a while now. After reading some back posts on my old blog ... I realized how funny I used to be. Hilarious! Really. But now, all I do is ramble on about my day ... or week ... or month ... depending on how long it takes me to get an update in.
This has got to stop. I won't have it any longer! I mean, I'm sure that there will be times that I will want to ramble on about how boring my day was ... or how exciting *I* thought it was. But, mostly ... I will try to provide humorous stories, lists, anecdotes, etc. for my many adoring fans out there. This is a fresh start ... I'm standing at the starting line of my new life. Here I am, breaking out of the mundane to provide you, the reader, with something interesting to read while you surf the Internet at work.
Therefore, I will need your help to make this all worth while on my end. Everyone that stops by ... please leave a comment! Then, I will be more apt to feed your need for Rachel on a daily basis! How about it?
However, we need to come to an understanding right here and right now. There could very well be times in the near future (i.e. Honeymoon) that I will be unavailable to you, the reader. PLEASE, do not waste away! Find something else to do ... and once I return I'm sure that I will have some more fabulous stories and antics for every one's enjoyment!

Go now. Spread the news. Rachel (The Drama Angel) Has Returned!


Christy Jo said...

The almighty Christy Cotton. That's catchy. I dig it. Let's keep it!

I'm excited about your new start. You're such a good writer, and you always entertain me!

Resurrectedlife said...

I can't believe you're ditching me!

amanda leigh said...

yay! Rachel blogs.. Another way to keep my work days interesting..