Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An update on the Real

I know I know, I said that I was only going to post interesting, fun, creative things on this blog ... I remember what I said. But, I just wanted to give a small update on "Wedding News!"

I'm SUPER excited ... why? Because we are almost finished with EVERYTHING that we need to get ready for the wedding! We got our Limo booked today ... because Aaron took so long getting that stuff taken care of, we are going to have to go with a SUV limo. So, I guess we are going to be "rolling out" in style! I'm still crazy excited about it though ... because I've never ridden in a limo before and I have been saving myself for when I got married!!!

Also, we are about 90% finished with the program. I just need to read it off to the priest and make sure that everything sounds okay ... and then email it to Jessica so that she can bring it to Drago's and they can get it all going. It's going to be worth getting it done professionally, because I don't want to have to deal with binding and staples and stuff like that. Plus, it's going to be a little bit longer than normal because we are going to have notes to each of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, Parents & Siblings. I totally stole that from Amanda ... but I don't care. It's going to be awesome!

All that is left after that is the DJ list. I have filled it out and emailed it to him, but now Aaron and I need to have a list for the "open dancing" stuff. So, if anyone has any fun ideas ... I want our reception to be great fun!!!

That's it! We have everything ready for the cruise ... we don't have passports but we have birth certificates which they say are enough ... we have our matted Frame for everyone to sign, all of our pictures are finished and in, we have the marriage license ready to go, toasting glasses, dresses & tuxes ... and with 16 days left!

I think this is why I havn't had a crazy nightmare in the past couple of weeks ... let's hope it continues!!!

I swear ... I'll post a good update tomorrow!


Bert said...

That's sooo terrible you...HAVE TO HAVE THE SUV LIMO!!LOL

As for music...not The Chicken Dance..not even for the kids in the crowd!

Your picture is so frikin cute.
How about you enjoy a date night??
And maybe a.....motel???

Christy Jo said...

This wasn't a bad post!! I love that you've checked almost everything off the list! :) :)

Here's an idea for the dj: DON'T PLAY THE CHICKEN DANCE.

Yawwwwwwwwwn. I am sleepy today.

Christy Jo said...


Christin said...

hi darling! i posted my first official blog on here so say goodbye to the X... ill be leaving it soon!

hope you're having a good day~ luv ya!

Aggie said...

Aww ... such a cute photo. Glad to hear it's all falling into place.