Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Numba 1" Ringtone ...

Has anyone ever watched MTV for a long period of time, or actually any cable television show late at night and been bombarded with stupid "text messaging" commercials? Honestly, who is actually sending "joke" to 29292 so that they can be the funniest person in their "clique"?

I mean, thinking back ... it must be doing quite well because there are about fifty different text message commercials to use from: Horoscopes, Ring tones, Naughty night time texts, Jokes, trivia ... the list just goes on and on.

And furthermore ... what a stereotype! All of the "urban" music ... the text number has "420" in it. Every time! Now, what is THAT supposed to mean exactly!? Not everyone that likes rap music tokes up!

Also, do people realize that by texting once they are signed up for a subscription? I can only imagine how difficult it is to cancel that one. Hours and Hours on the phone with that chipper announcer explaining all of the terms and conditions ... "Well, you've signed your life over to Satan because you wanted Party Like a Rockstar as an AWESOME ring tone on your phone! Text Rock to 420 20!!!" -gag-

And while I'm on this rant ... what about all of those "local singles" hot lines. Are people really believing that girls as hot as the girls on the commercials are waiting around for their dumb ass to call them? Honestly.

Sometimes I wonder ... really really wonder.


Anonymous said...

Lol! I've seen a postcard that I like on a similar theme. It shows a HUGE pot bellied (naked) man on the end of a phone lying to some chick calling in about a date.
Telling her how hot he is.
HaHaHa! Yeah right!

Yoshi said...

Man, don't be hatin. You just jealous 'cause they tapped and exploited something that you thought of, but couldn't implement.

Tis okay. I thought of the water bottle thing, but didn't have the money to execute it; now I'm the poor guy and their rich. Damn it! >_<

Yea, the 420 is interesting. But, can you out list a name of artistes that don't do drugs? Probably not. All the major artistes placate to a certain group. And it is this certain group that want the life they can't afford, so it's a lot easier to imitate; for they can never duplicate.

And don't' knock the lady commercials!! Can I not fantasize that their's a hot chick on the other line? Stop ruining my fantasies. Damn u!! >_<

Anyhow, keep on rollin. ^_^

Yoshi said...

Oh, and by the way. That dude above me ^ (Yoshi), that's me. Raphael. ^_^

Jules said...

OMG! I totally think the same thing when I see those dumb commercials! Seriously... does anyone ACTUALLY buy those things?

Christy Jo said...

Eh. The commercials ARE annoying. But the number for the service here in Austin is 44544. So I think Houston's 420 is coincidence.

I had a crazy dream last nite. I'm going to email you about it.