Monday, March 29, 2010

It has been weeks!

Yikes! Sorry about that.

I've been busy cuddling my little lovey (which is what I call dear sweet Liam!)

Unfortunately, I return to work this Thursday. It's for one day before we're off for Good Friday. However, it's one day of TORTURE.

Ugh, my boobs are screaming at me just thinking about leaving my little guy for the whole day.

Luckily, my grandpa will be watching him ... so that's something at least. I won't be leaving him with a complete stranger. Whew.

Liam's new thing: When we take his bottle away from him to burp him ... he starts this whole warrior cry thing. It's flipping High-Larious. I'll try to get it on tape to share.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Liam is SUCH a model

Look at this little cutie!

He's already a month old. Jeez.

Today, we went for his newborn pictures. Basically, he was adorable the entire time. He even started smiling today.

The photographer started talking to him and he looked up at her and started grinning away. Then, he turned to us and started smiling our way as well!

Babies aren't technically supposed to start "social smiles" until 6 weeks. So, I guess Liam is just SUPER advanced. Like Aaron says "I know that everyone says their kid is special ... but ours really is!"

He's so playful and has been using his voice a LOT lately. He just talk talk talks ... I think that he gets that from his mother.

I'm so enjoying this motherhood thing. Well, except for the loosing sleep part of it. That kind of blows ... but whatcha gonna do!

Tomorrow, Aaron will be running in the Stride4Strokes in honor of his grandma Lily. I'm planning on posting video of him crossing the finish line so that we can show it to MawMaw. Maybe I'll post it here too ... but let's not get too carried away. Two posts, two days in a row? RIGHT.

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And have I mentioned what an INCREDIBLE dad Aaron is? This is him reading "Skippy Jon Jones" to Liam ... see how attentive Liam was? This was week 2. I'm telling you ... future literary scholar here ... for real!