Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally some Wedding Updates!

Hey guys! I know that everyone has missed the blogs of your dear ol friend Rachel ... so I'm back with a brand new addition!

Thursday, August 9, 2007: Aaron worked all night on Wednesday night, so as soon as he got home Thursday morning (at around 6:55) we loaded up the car, drove to Loren's house to pick her and Reese up, and headed back to Orange/Nederland.

We went by my grandpa's house so that we could pick up the M.D. Anderson cards and my veil and the programs before heading over to Aaron's parent's house. Once we got there, Aaron went to sleep and Loren and I went to tan, get our rings cleaned, to Walmart to pick up some things for the Bridal Brunch the next morning, and finally out to Beaumont to pick up my wedding dress!!!!

Once we got back to the house, Audrey (Aaron's younger sister) had made it to the house and we all hung out while we tied ribbons on programs and folded some of the M.D. Anderson cards. We went to drop some things off at the rehearsal dinner site so that the ladies would decorate it for Friday and it was there that I got my first slice of bad news. Christy, one of my beautiful bridesmaids, hadn't been feeling to well all week. She had some kind of sickness that caused these really bad sores and ulcers on the inside of her mouth along with fever. She had seemed to be feeling better, but by Thursday she had started running a horrible temperature (104) and the doctor said that she was going to be sick for a while ... and that she was extremely contagious. Therefore, she was not going to be able to drive from Austin to Orange for the wedding. I was not upset about not having a bridesmaid because I know how bad she was feeling. The only thing that I was upset about was not having one of my best friends there to see the wedding. There were a lot of tears on the phone that day! ((Update: Christy is much better now ... back to her own awesome self!))

So, we went back over to the house to finish all the program tying and all of that and I tried to figure out a few different scenarios to play out for the wedding. Aaron went to pick up his tuxes and all of the tuxes were too big/small or weird. So they had to be altered that night and picked up sometime on Friday. Little things like that were frustrating ... especially when it came to Aaron's tux because we have had Aaron measured numerous times for just these instances!

I couldn't sleep at all that night. Aaron got a bed because I knew that he was still exhausted from staying up for so long. Loren went to bed with Reese and I had Audrey's dog Libby with me as well, so that wasn't working out because they kept wanting to play while Loren and I were trying to sleep in a double bed. So, I ended up getting up and getting online for a bit ... then falling asleep for an hour on the couch in the computer room. When I woke up around 2am, I felt gross! I apparently had chewed on the side of my tongue in my sleep, and my knee was hurting from having it in an odd position. I got back up and read a bit and then went to sleep on the couch in the living room because it was slightly bigger than the other around 4am. Well, then people started getting up around 6 am ... so I went back into Audrey's room after Loren got out of bed and went to sleep for a couple of hours before we had to wake up and go down to the church to set things up for the reception!

Friday, August 10, 2007: We only had three hours to set up, so I asked as many people that could help to come. We had a good turn out and actually got finished EXACTLY at noon! But not without a few problems ...

We ordered some chair covers and the place that we rented them from wasn't going to be open until 10 am that morning. We needed them for 9am so that we could start getting things together and putting the chair covers on as soon as possible because that would take the longest time. So my grandpa went to pick them up Thursday after 4:30 so that we would have them ready to go. Well, we started taking them out of the boxes and some of them REEKED of mildew. It ended up being about 30 of the 200 that we requested. I was very upset because this was a serious problem, people couldn't even walk by these tables without catching a whiff of that smell and being grossed out. So, I called the lady ... at first she tried to tell me that it was impossible because all of those chair covers were NEW and that they've never been used. Finally, I was like "Oh really, because a couple of them still have chocolate stains on them ...." Then she's like "OHHHH Those chair covers!!" -Collective Eye Roll Everyone- So after talking with a few different people we arranged for my grandpa to bring those back ... then they would wash them and iron them and dry them that night and bring them back to us the next morning and put them on. So it all ended up working out ... but for a while I thought that they weren't going to put them on for us the next day and I was about to get a little Bridezilla on them!

After we finished up the reception hall ... we went back to the house and hung out. We wrapped all the presents for our bridal party and the Parent's etc. Then everyone started taking showers to get ready for the rehearsal.

The rehearsal flowed very well! We ended up having each of the girls walk half way down the aisle and have all the guys (except Cory who stayed next to Aaron the whole time) come and meet them half way and walk them to their spot. It worked out perfectly since we were missing dear Christy. I had my cousin stand in for me ... which was kind of weird because my Aunt kept saying that she wanted to see Aaron and Katy kiss. Afterwards Aaron was like, "I love how your Aunt kept trying to hook me up with your cousin." Haha. Then we went off to the rehearsal dinner! It was absolutely FANTASTIC! It was decorated Sooooo nice! We had a pasta bar and Salad and chocolate cake, plus we also had beer and wine! We ate and visited, I read Aaron the poem that I was going to read to him ... and he said an impromptu speech which was really really lovely! Through out the night different people did toasts for us, and it was all sooo sweet! All of his family kept saying that they knew the first time that they met me that Aaron was going to marry me! My aunt even got up and said how proud she was of me and how hard my life had been and how lucky I was to have such a great family to be marrying into. It was a really great time!!

Afterwards, I think a few of the bridesmaids (Mainly Jenifer) thought that we were going to be going home and going to bed ... but she doesn't know how the Allen's party!! We went back to the house and drank some more wine and beer, listened to music, danced around, laughed and joked, etc etc.
Finally, I had to go to bed at Midnight so that I wouldn't see Aaron anymore ... but I'm almost certain that he stayed up until around 5 am hanging out with his cousins! Lucky!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007, Wedding Day!!: I woke up around 5 am, ended up throwing up some yucky phlegm type stuff (did I mention that I was pretty gross and coughy?) and took some sinus medicine before laying back down until around 7am. Then we woke up for good ... got ready and headed to the salon to get our "Hair did." Aaron's mom and Aunt Joanie brought some donuts and kolaches, plus some awesome fruit and dips and stuff so that we could eat that morning! I wasn't nervous at ALL! I had a really good time just hanging out and enjoying ourselves. Finally a little after 11 we headed over to the church. That was only a slight bother because I really like to be places on time and we didn't get to the church until 11. The girls were kind of running behind on people's hair and we were kind of running behind on makeup. Things like that happen though ... so it wasn't that big of a deal. Once we got there we kind of hung out for a bit waiting for all the girls to get there. I let them all read the notes that I wrote them in the programs and then we started getting ready! Once I got my dress on and all of that was when it really started to hit me and I kind of started crying a bit. Definitely happy tears ... but still! Also, seeing my PawPaw made me tear up a bit as well! We hurried up and finished getting ready and then went and took pictures with the bridesmaids and myself. Jessica (MoH) went to give Aaron his gift and then Colton (my brother) brought back my gift from him. I gave him a Swatch Watch which is very light weight and thin and he really likes it. He gave me 1/4 carat diamond earrings! I absolutely LOVE them because my ears are VERY sensitive and these don't hurt them at all! I don't even have to take them out when I go to sleep! I wish that I would have had "real" earrings all along ... then I would probably still have my second and third holes! Oh well though. Anyway ... then we took pictures with the Groomsmen and myself. After that I disappeared back into the prayer room and Aaron took pictures with his groomsmen and then the bridesmaids. Once all the pictures were taken it was only about 20 minutes before the wedding began!!

The music started playing ... and everyone left the room so that they could walk down the aisle and I had a little time by myself. I said a little prayer, Thanking God for everything that he had blessed me with ... and then hoped that my Mom and Grandma were watching. Finally, I stepped out (camera in hand) and got ready to walk down the aisle. Just as my music started to play ... I pulled the camera out from behind my bouquet and snapped a picture of My grandpa and I ((The picture that is on top of this entry)) and then I handed the camera off to Aaron's sister and we made our way down the aisle!

Aaron was crying by the time we got down there because his dad had started crying. He gave my grandpa big hug before taking my hand and leading me up to the alter. Everything turned out BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't have asked for a better wedding! Things went smoothly and there was no problems! After the wedding, we took pictures in a quick manner and then headed over to the reception to start the party!!!

Reception: The bridal party entered to the song "Final Countdown" from Rocky ... and Aaron and I came down to 2001: A Space Odyssey! Everyone got a big kick out of that! Then we immediately went into our first dance, which Aaron's cousin Josh sang the song for us. It was BEAUTIFUL!! Then we opened up the food lines and Aaron and I got a plate and sat down at our private table. The line ended up snaking around us, so it was kind of hard to eat because people kept coming up to us saying congrats and asking where we were going for the honeymoon and all of that stuff. But it worked out because we wanted to make sure that we were able to talk to everyone ... and we did! After people ate, we cut the cake and then did the toasts. Cory's toast was very humorous and Jessica's toast was basically the best thing ever. I have a copy of it ... but it's at my grandpa's house ... so the next time I go by there, I'll get it and post it on here so that everyone can see how amazing it was! I was basically bawling my eyes out by the end of it. After that, we did the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances and then opened up the dance floor. We had a GREAT time! A lot of people were dancing ... we were getting pretty crazy!! There are TONS of pictures of me breaking it down ... so make sure you guys check out the site (I'll give the links at the bottom of this)

Around 6:30 ... the Limo arrived and we were pelted with flowers before getting in and making our getaway!! We went back to the hotel EXHAUSTED! But I was starving ... so we ended up having to run across the street to Pappadeaux's in our wedding attire. By this time the hook and eye on the back of my dress had come off and my zipper wasn't staying up anymore. It was pretty funny!!

I'll post later about how awesome the honeymoon was ... but this long ass post should hold you guys off for a while!

Also ... check out the wedding pictures!!!

Mandy Bonds
Click Clients
Rachel & Aaron
The PW is August 11 (exactly like that)

ENJOY!!! (I'll also post some pictures that we have up above this post!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Austin doesn't practice Safe Sex.

Sorry that it's taken so long for me to update about my fabulous Bachelorette party ... but Aaron and I have had to start packing up for our Wedding and Honeymoon. It's very stressful trying to make sure that we have everything because it's not like we can just jump back in the car and go and get it.


I went over to Aaron's sister's house around 12:20 so that I could straighten my hair. She has a chi ... which is way better than any straightener that I've ever owned. Then we loaded up the vehicle, her friend met us there, and we took for for A-town! After an enjoyable car ride ... we made it to Christy's house and got the party started!

Everything was decorated awesome! There was a buffet table with all kinds of snacks foods. Unfortunately, there was mini penis cakes even though I specifically asked for none. But they were good ... so all was forgiven. We played a couple of games while Loren and Kasi got ready and then I opened presents! I got a lot of beautiful lingerie ... and I'm very excited about all of it! I also got this freaking AWESOME shirt that says "BRIDE" on the front and "The Future Mrs. Allen" on the back with the date that we are going to get married! I love it ... and will probably wear it all the time ... even AFTER we are married!

Then we went to a porn shop so that we could play some kind of scavenger hunt. Most of the other girls were very scared ... but Amanda and I teamed together and found all of the items that we were supposed to find. Including ... "The Destroyer" which ... as Loren says "Can only be used to get the woman ready for child birth" it was MASSIVE.

Once everyone got tired with that we went to eat at this Tex-Mex restaurant called VIvo! It was great! They had a really good sangria margarita. The bathrooms had rose petals and ice in the sinks. The food was delicious. The waiter was a good sport ... (I found out that he had had sex earlier that day, that his favorite position is the wheel barrow, that his fantasy involves a beach, and that his boxers were blue with green stripes). And at the end of it all ... every girl at the table gets a long stemmed rose! It was very very nice! Plus the drinks were huge!!

Then we went back to the house and got ready to go out for the night ... we all got dressed up and called taxi's and headed out. When we first got there ... a couple of places gave me free shots ... which was pretty sweet. After that, I got my alcohol other ways. I also had a list of things that I had to do ... "Ask a guy for a condom" "Do a body shot off a guy" "Grab a guy's ass" "Have a guy Grab your ass" "Kiss a guy with the same last name as your Man's" etc. I did most of them ... including the body shot ... which was the only shot that I had to pay for.

But I couldn't get a condom from anyone! I figured that would be the easiest one ... therefore the only conclusion that I can come to is that Austin does NOT practice safe sex. Although some guys claimed that it was bad luck to carry around a condom. That it was dangerous and the condom would probably break if they carried it around. And even that it was the girl's responsibility to have one!

Before the night was over, we headed to the Gay Bar ... because we were told by Christy's roommate that I should get lots of free shots because Gay Guy's LOVE girls that are getting married! And mostly they did!! I even got a guy to drop trou in the middle of the club and give me his underwear (Another thing that was on the list). They were BRAND NEW Ralph Lauren's too! Another guy basically took over my list and started asking people for all of the stuff that I needed ... it was really funny. Then I had to get on this stage thing and dance ... except apparently I wasn't supposed too ... and instead got Pelted with ice and told to get down. But it's okay ... I'm a good sport!

We left pretty early because Loren apparently got trashed at the bar in the hotel that her and her friend went to while we went to the gay bar. We had to haul a cab and go and pick her up ... where she promptly told the driver that "She was going to like him ... because she liked aggressive drivers, like her." It was hilarious!

We went back to the house ... and Christy's roommate entertained us for a few hours ... this guy was freaking HILARIOUS! I want to carry him around in my pocket for a good laugh from now on! I think that he should go on Last Comic Standing ... because he is AWESOME! Then we all went to sleep ... woke up around 11 ... got packed up and went and ate at Ihop before we headed back home!

I didn't get drunk ... I didn't have a hang over ... the only thing that was wrong with me was my stupid sore throat ... which progressively got worse. Now, besides a cough ... I'm feeling better. Apparently, Christy is sick with something VERY contagious, so I have very glad that I didn't get that ... and Amanda is sick with something too ... but I'm not sure what. Hopefully, everyone will be all better for the Wedding!!!! Which is .. oh you know ... this SATURDAY!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Library Mans

This is all I've got today ... WOOHOO FOR AUSTIN TOMORROW!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hi-Def Porn

As many of you know, last November, Sony released a new video game system the PS3 (Play Station Three). Not only does it have the ability to play games with "Next Generation" graphics but it also is blue-ray capable.

Blue-Ray seems to be the wave of the future. Not only does it produce images in hi-definition, but it also has a much larger memory capacity, allowing for more movies, more extras, more hours to watch, etc.

Just like the wars between Beta's and VHS ... there is a new war between Xbox 360s HD dvds and Sony's Blue ray ... and Sony is about to change all that.

VHS won the war back in yesteryear when they started producing Porn ... and Sony is fixing to jump on that band wagon.

According to PC world, Japanese porn producers have began exclusively using Blue-Ray for their movies. Originally, Microsoft won the porn war in America because HD DvD's are cheaper and easier to mass produce, plus children companies ... like Disney ... refused to work with companies that were producing porn, so Sony won the Disney market.

However, in Japan, they are taking a different approach. The porn companies are working with disc-pressing companies in Taiwan, and Sony is selling their discs to those disc-pressing companies. By selling discs to these people, Sony stays out of the way of the porn industry while still reaping the benefits.

There's the back story ... now here is why I'm writing about this:

Why would anyone want to watch porn in HD? Guys (or girls) can now see stretch marks in HD, ingrown hairs in HD, cellulite in HD, and Penis/ball sac in HD. And I don't know about the rest of you girls ... but the penis/ball sac is not the most attractive aspect of the male anatomy.

I can't imagine how this would be a good thing to watch! I mean, let's think about the porn market. Normally, it's either kids that get a hold of some porn from a friend, guys that can't get the real thing, girls that are curious, girls that can't get the real thing, or guys and girls that want to add a bit of "spice" to their relationship. Wouldn't HD porn scare these people away!??!?!

Or who knows, maybe HD porn will knock these porn stars back down to size. Maybe this will cause guys to realize that even porn stars have their flaws ... who knows maybe this could be a WIN for Girls everywhere!


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What Irks Me

Top 10 things that really annoy me:

1) When people don't use their blinkers as they weave in and out of traffic. I can be in the best of moods and then I see someone not use their blinker ... and it makes me want to ram my car into the back of theirs.

2) I hate parents that talk about their children when no one else cares. I know one of these parents for sure ... and I love her, she's great ... and I'm good friends with her daughter ... but I don't effing care!! I have my own life!! I know that it's not as good as your daughters life but shut the hell up!

3) I hate the cable company that we use. It used to be time warner ... but now it's Comcast in Houston. They are deceiving and manipulating ... and it's all because they know that I love their Internet so much that I'm not going to change my service! DAMN THE MAN.

4) I hate children that are rude and obnoxious to their parents. Yesterday, while we were waiting in line ... at Comcast ... a kid came in, hit his sister over the head and the proceeded to scream at his mom to "MOVE YOU ARE IN THE WAY OF THE CARTOONS." Seriously ... I wanted to slap him in the face.

5) I hate parents that don't discipline their children when they need to. There is no way in hell that my children are going to get away with talking to me like that kid did. Or, they might talk to me like that once ... and then forever realize that it's not a good idea to do that.

6) I hate people that have thin and straight hair. It must be so easy to fix!! No wasting an hour blow drying your thick hair and then having to run a straightener through it! Oh no, they just get to get out of the shower ... and immediately have straight hair. Bitches.

7) I hate people that have small boobs and complain about them. SHUT UP. You have no idea what it's like to have REAL boobs that are large. None at all! You don't realize that we don't get to wear the cute shirts or dresses that all of you small chested people do because if we do ... we get the wrong kind of attention! Plus, if you have small boobs ... you don't have to listen to other people that have small boobs wish that their boobs were as big as yours.

8) I hate girls that go out to the club with short skirts on. Seriously???? All that does is make guys think that all girls are like that ... slutty and easy. And what makes it even worse is that the girls with the short skirts are usually the girls that jump on the bar top, or table top, or stage and dance with their ass and vah-jay-jay hanging all out. Gross.

9) I hate going to the store by myself. I need company ... I feel lonely when I go alone. I like to be able to talk with the person that I'm going with so that it passes the time ... because who likes to freaking go shopping for groceries anyway? Not me.

10) And finally, I hate living on the third floor! For one thing ... we don't have a balcony. Plus, once we get groceries it's a freaking workout just to carry everything upstairs. In fact, I've had to stop getting bottled water because I just don't want to have to carry it up three flights of stairs and risk my life! I can't wait to move into another apartment that is lower to the ground ... and closer to school. Ugh.