Saturday, July 18, 2009

12 week old belly!

Check out for updates from the baby!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The BIG update

I finally have a little bit of time to sit down and type out my whole update about pregnancy and life and everything in between! YAY ME!

Ever since that little digital sign pointed to "pregnant," Aaron and I feel like we've been running around like a chicken with our head cut off.

First of all, I'll tell everyone the "finding out" story.

You know how some people say that they just "know" that they conceived like the minute that it happened? Well that didn't happen here! Besides some off handed comments such as "Wouldn't it be funny if I were pregnant right after graduation when I told my grandpa that I would make sure to wait until I graduated before I got pregnant?" Or, "Hm, it'd be hilarious if I were pregnant right now ... what with the television being broken and everything" but there wasn't any "woman's intuition" here.

So, I'm going about my business, thinking that I'll be starting at some point in time during the week. I mean, I had the warning cramps and everything! In fact, I remember telling Aaron things like "Man, my period is going to be really bad ... I've been cramping all this week and still nothing!" etc. Finally, one Sunday night (May 31st), I started looking at a calendar and realized "oops! I was supposed to start LAST WEEK!" Hehehehe.

Well, I was about to jump in the shower anyway, so I trotted off to the bathroom and pulled out one of our trusty digital sticks and took a tinkle. Then I set it aside, assuming that it was going to turn negative like all of the others in the past, and undressed. By the time I undressed and went to set my glasses on the counter to step into the shower, the digital screen showed "Pregnant!"

I can't even really describe the feeling! Shock and awe, I guess. I got in the shower and started hosing off ... wondering if I should start crying tears of joy or screaming with excitement! Mainly, it was a lot of confusing "hahs" coming out of my mouth through the entire shower.

Aaron wasn't going to be home for another 30 minutes or so ... so I hopped on the computer looking for clever ways to tell the daddy! OK, more power to all of you women out there that sit around and plan all of these amazing meals for their husbands and candle-lit dinners with "baby back ribs, and baby carrots, and baby peas" etc. But, there was no freaking way that I was going to be able to wait another day or night to tell Aaron!

So, I grabbed a tube of lipstick, Mars from Lancome in case you were wondering, and wrote on my belly "Hi Daddy." Then, I began folding some clothes and waiting for the daddy to come home. He came home, complaining about something that happened at work, tired, and probably a little frustrated. I called him into the bedroom and asked him how his day went ... and then mumbled something about needing to talk to him about something ... finally I just lifted my shirt and let him read the news himself.

He squinted a bit and I think that his jaw hit the floor. "Are you pregnant ... You're pregnant?!!?" I nodded my head and he came over and lifted me up into a huge hug! I asked if he was happy and he said that of COURSE he was ... and that was when the tears finally started to flow.

From then on out ... we've been CRAZY busy!!

We decided to start the process of purchasing a house ... a little bit stressful but we are super excited! We are actually going to be building a house (well, not us ... someone else) and we go on Tuesday to pick out all of our custom designs and such at the design center. YAY!

We are hoping that our house will be ready by the end of October. Otherwise, we are going to need a place to crash because our lease here is up on the 26th! What a lovely birthday present!!!

Also, my due date is set for February 1-3. (I've been getting different dates by different doctors or date wheels) My main doctor says the 1st. But, then again ... those things are usually never accurate right?!

At my nine week appt. I measured at right under an inch ... which he said was right at 9 weeks. The picture above is actually of the 7 week ultrasound, because I don't think that nine week one came out very clear. The 7 week one was done vaginally and the nine week one was done on the stomach ... so the baby still looks very "blobby" :)

We also got a new camera (who knows what happened to our old one) so I am hoping to update with lovely things such as stomach pictures and house pictures and nursery pictures (when we start that whole process) etc.

So look forward to updates later!!!