Saturday, April 4, 2009

OK, Seriously.

So, I get it. I don't get to update this thing very often. Mainly because I don't really have anything worth while to say ... and I also really hate sitting in front of the desktop computer and we haven't gotten the laptop fixed.

However, I do have this little tracker thing on the side of my page (because I'm kind of a stalker freak) and I'd like to know who you people are that are from my home town! Please ... thank you.

Seriously. Nederland? Who are you?

Bridge City ... four times? Who are you!?!?

Help a girl out here and leave a comment so that we can be formally introduced. It's freaking me the heck out. I didn't think that this many people from my home town actually knew about this blog or read it.

So ... yeah.

Same for the Conroe person ... who are you!??!

And anyone else actually. Let's just make a broad statement and say that I want to know who everyone is! It'll make things a lot better. I've introduced myself to the world ... now, it's your turn.