Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm going to be an Aunt!

Guess what I got for Christmas!? The news that I'm going to be an Aunt! Loren gave us the news December 22! She's about 8 weeks now and has heard the heart beat and everything! She's been feeling sick lately ... which sucks for her, but that is usually a good thing because it means that things are going well with the pregnancy!

A Christmas Miracle!! Baby Ottis will be born in August ... supposedly on the 16th but Shaw thinks that he/she will be a little earlier ... possibly closer to our one year wedding anniversary!

How was everyone's Christmas!? Ours was absolutely fantastic! We spent a good amount of time with family, but it would have been nice to spent a bit more time. Aaron had to work on Christmas eve at 10pm, so we had to go back that day. Then come to find out he ended up getting out of work after only an hour and then was off on Christmas day ... so too bad we weren't able to stay longer.

We went to Aaron's cousin's wedding this weekend, which gave us more time with family so that was really nice. But the wedding was kind of awkward ... some weird circumstances ... and a lot of people that didn't want it to happen. Aaron and I are just hoping that things are going to end up working out ... that's all we can really do.

In other news ... Aaron and I have a new arrival to announce as well!

We'll get him in about two weeks, and his name will be Link! I'll have pictures up once we see him ... but we are both VERY excited!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Everything Madonna Touches Turns to Whore"

The quote of my title is by the magnificent Aaron Allen, btw!

Yeah, and he's right. Britney Spears started on her slow descent into the skanky, head shaved, whatever that she is now ... after that disgusting lip lock with Madonna.

I think that it was at that time that Madonna planted a device into Britney Spears that immediately made her start making horrible decisions and life altering mistakes.

Yeah, okay ... so she married her high school sweet heart ... BUT THEN SHE MARRIED HER BACK UP DANCER.

Yeah, okay ... so she had a kid ... BUT THEN SHE HAD TWO!

Yeah, okay ... so she went out and partied a lot ... BUT THEN SHE WENT WITH OUT PANTIES

Yeah, okay ... so then she got a divorce ... BUT THEN SHE SHAVED HER HEAD.

Yeah, Okay ... so she went to Rehab ... BUT THEN SHE DID A WHOLE BUNCH MORE DRUGS AND LOST HER KIDS!

I mean it's obvious ... Madonna has planted her seed of disgust into Britney Spears and that sucks, because I really like B. Spears and I wish that she would get out of this funk and get back on the right track ... but it seems to be a contagious disease ...

Now Jamie Lynn is pregnant as well ... and at only 16.

Why can't the people that actually want to get pregnant get pregnant? Oh and why can't rich celebrities opt for freaking birth control!? Jeez ... they have enough money!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Money money money money ... MONEY

Wow. So it's been a really long time since I've blogged hm. Sorry about that ... during the Thanksgiving holidays I had to write two papers ... and then it just seemed to not stop!

But, I'm in the middle of a study break ... so I'll pass some time with a little bloggity blog blog blog.

During the Thanksgiving holidays I asked people to answer a few questions about what they would do for 2 million dollars.

The results were just as I expected ... a lot of people gave the Sunday School answers.

What triggered these questions was a segment on KRBE 104.1 that talked about how the average amount of money that a person would leave their spouse/significant other for was 2 million dollars. AND that WOMEN were more likely to take the money than men were.

I was shocked by this ... not only that the price to leave the person that you love was so low, but that women would be more apt to take the money than men. So I wanted to see what my friends thought about the whole thing.

No one opted to take the 2 million when it came to leaving your significant other ... mainly because it wouldn't be any fun having that much money if you didn't have that other person to enjoy it with.

Which is good and all ... but what IS the price that you would be willing to leave your significant other for?