Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A perfect size What??

Remember these Sweet Valley books from our youth? I can remember the library having every single one of them and me being able to read them all in succession. I think that I might have enjoyed the college years better ... but whatever.

Anyway, these were first published in 1983 and are now being re-vamped.

Notice anything different about the covers?

Instead of newspapers, there will now be cellphones and blogs.

And those skinny little twins have gone on a diet. From an original "perfect size 6" to a now "perfect size 4."

Maybe this is just vanity sizes and they actually still mean a perfect size 6. Granted, I haven't ever found a vanity pair of jeans ... maybe that's because I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on them. Who knows. All I do know is that I still go in and come out just as disappointed.

Some people are saying that actually a perfect size 6 from way back then would probably be more of a 1-2 by now. So does this mean that the twins have gained weight? No way. Not these perfect specimens of blonde goddess beauty.

Are they going to remake these again in another 20-30 years or so? I guess then they will have to re-invent the twins again. "Perfect size -2 anyone?"