Sunday, September 30, 2007

Eff the Towing companies: Or, why does our life suck???

Okay, so check out how sucky our weekend (my birthday weekend mind you) has been.

Aaron needed to go to the store to get a few things for the party that we were having on Friday around 5:40ish, after he had woken up a bit and did some things around the house. He comes back about three minutes later saying that he thinks that his car was stolen.

I go down there with him and we drive around the apartment complex twice trying to find the car. Nope. So, by this time it's RIGHT at 6 o clock, so we rush to the front of the complex just in time to stop the girls in the office and tell them that we think that his car was stolen. Jackie (the assistant Manager) was like "Actually ... I think that it got towed." I immediately said "Why?" and she said "I'm not sure ... probably that you were parked in a handicap parking spot.

Let me stop right here and say that Aaron NEVER parks in a handicap parking spot. In fact, he usually parks really far away ... and parks on the street before parking in the handicap parking spot in our complex.

Back to Jackie: She says "I think that they take pictures ... I can give you the number to the towing company to talk with them and if they do not help you out ... Kristen will be back in the front office tomorrow at 10. So they leave ... without going back in just to get the towing slip so that we can know what the heck happened and why they would tow our car. So, we get back to the apartment and Aaron calls the towing company. They say that the pictures are in the night drop box. So, we drive all the way down to the towing company thinking that the pictures are in the drop box. Well ... they were in the APARTMENT COMPLEX's drop box ... not at the towing company. Plus, Aaron couldn't get his car out anyway because the car is in his mom's name (who lives 2 1/2 hours away mind you) so she would have to drive all the way up here to get the car out.

We drive back to the apartment because it was time for people to start arriving and figure that we'll just have to go down to the office and see what they say in the morning. Also, we wanted to look at the pictures and see what in the hell actually happened.

Aaron had to go to work that night (so of course he had to use my car) and he got back at 7 and went to sleep. I went down to the front office at 10 am and sat in the front and waited for ten minutes because the girl was late. She gets there and is like "Sorry, I'm like 10 minutes late". Very politely I say "No big deal ..." So she's like "What can I help you with?" I tell her the story and ask to see the pictures ... she gets it for me and sure enough .... Aaron is parked NEXT to the handicap.

Here's the back story: When we first moved here the handicap spot was the second spot away from the sidewalk. So, the maintenance people painted over the spot with gray paint and then placed a pole with a handicap sign in front of the parking spot NEXT to that spot. Since then (Which was a good seven or so months ago) people have been parking there because it's no longer a handicap spot.

I show the girl the picture and I'm like ... "See, this isn't in the handicap spot at all ... it's obviously been painted over!" She's like "well, I don't know ... I haven't been here very long." I was like, "Well yeah but we've been here for a long time ... I remember when they painted over this spot and moved the handicap spot to the next spot over." She was like "Well I can't do anything about it ... you'll have to call the towing company." So, I call the company and tell them that we've seen the picture and that we weren't parked in the wrong and that they towed our car illegally and we would like it back. They tell me that can can't get the car back until the manager gets in because they have no authority to release a car without us paying for it.

The front office still wouldn't do anything ... by this time I was freaking mad, so I yelled on the way out "THANKS SO MUCH FOR NOT HELPING US AT ALL!" Aaron's mom was on the phone with me and said that she was going to be on her way out there so that she could see what she could do since she was the owner of the car. I get back in the apartment and start telling the people that stayed the night after our party what happened. I'm basically LIVID ... Aaron wakes up and realizes that they aren't going to give him his car back. He gets so angry and can't go back to sleep. He tried to go down and talk with the lady but she basically said the same thing. She wondered why it took us so long to find out that our car was towed (Um I don't know ... because he works NIGHTS and sleeps during the day), and refused to call in the manager so that we could speak with someone that obviously knew more than this girl.

Aaron's mom gets there and calls the towing company, who says that they are going to try and get a hold of the manager but they doubt that it will matter because he usually doesn't answer the phone on the weekends because he's off of work. Then we called the police to see if we could file a report because our car was illegally towed and if you ask ME ... that's pretty much stealing!!!

The police man arrives very quickly but tells us that he can not do anything because we live in a gated community and the towing company has a contract with our complex ... therefore this is a civil matter and the police can not help us. He was very nice though and said that if they wouldn't give our money back to let him know and he would be sure to report them.

We went BACK down to the complex with a contract that basically said that we were going to pay the fee but that they promised to pay us back after we spoke with the manager and he realized that the towing company is in the wrong. (This is something that my BIL, a lawyer, said to try and get so that we can have documentation of what we paid) Well, of course they refused to sign anything. We sat there for the longest time trying to decide what to do and finally decided to pay it and Shaw said that we would just have to sue them if they didn't give us the money back.

Well, Aaron gets his car and pulls it into the front of the parking lot and we start smelling some serious gas. We look and OF COURSE ... there's a freaking gas leak. The fuel line has a hole in it and that was DEFINITELY not there before it was towed. So we go back to the front office and she tells us that there's nothing that she can do about it.

We called the police to file a report .... after waiting two hours .... the cop gets there and says that because it probably was not intentional we can't do anything. But she also says that we have a good case (After seeing the pictures) and that we definitely needed to get our money back as soon as we could ... apparently they do this all the time and a lot of people just pay the money and forget about it. She said that we needed to go to small claims court to take care of it if they didn't settle it.

Then we had to wait for anothe tow truck (from our insurance) to come and take the car to a chevy dealership out here. When they get there ... we get the guy to look at the fuel line and he said that it looks like it was done because of carelessness from the towing company. We have his information for him to testify if we need it. So they tow it off and finally we are able to go home and hang out with the guests of our party.

It was four hours of stress ... just sitting in the freaking towing company parking lot .... in a NOT very good part of town.

P.S. That picture is of a car that was parked where Aaron was parked ... OBVIOUSLY not in a handicap and that spot is painted over with Gray paint.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Something more personal

I can not let myself only use this blogger for television reviews.

Here is some random thoughts:

-Why do I have to make things that are enjoyable more of a job than anything else? (i.e. Reading 60 books last year; Writing television reviews for every television show I watch)

-When I get out of school ... I'll be really old. (Profession: Teacher, Location: School)

-Fact: Having sex doesn't happen as much when you are married. (But at least I'm not living in Sin any longer)

-How come I always pick the shitty doctors?

-School is hard. Writing papers are harder. Grammar is hardest.

-I love living in Spring, but I hate not having friends that live here with me.

-Sometimes ... I do not want to get out of bed ... at all.

-I think that I am an "over-eater", I eat and eat and eat ... even when I'm not hungry ... because that super full, disgusting, "I want to throw up because I'm so full" feeling ... kind of feels good.

-Monday, otherwise known as my birthday, starts a new year and a new life. Until Tuesday ...

-Sometimes I think that my hair is trying to suffocate me.

-When I think about Babies ... my stomach does a back flip.

-I can not wait to get pregnant.

-I pray every night that I can get pregnant one day.

-I love Aaron's family.

-The semester is halfway over with. It's gone by fast. Is this what my life is going to be like from now on?

-I want a house!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Office - Thursday - NBC

Cry count: 0
Laugh count: 50,000,000

First let me scream from the top of my lungs how excited that I am about the Office finally being back!!

This is seriously extremely amazing television!! The writing is superb, every one can relate to it, and it's just damn hilarious!!!

Basically, for those that have been living under a rock for the past few years ... the premise of the show is "The life of people who work in an Office", it's filmed with a documentary type flair ... including interviews with the office members through out the day. They all work in a paper factory and I wouldn't think that paper workers would be this freaking hilarious ... but they SO are!!

From last season: The Temp got the job at Corporate ... leaving Michael still in charge of the Scranton crew, Jim broke up with Karen and asked Pam to dinner (Double YAY to this), Dwight and crazy weird cat lady blonde chick still hiding their "togetherness", Stanley still hates his job, Old white guy is still weird, Temp broke up with what's her name that talks to much, etc etc etc.

This season begins with the same type of excitedness ... except that Michael runs over one of the members of the office, breaking her pelvis, and putting her in the hospital.

Pam & Jim are secretly dating (L.O.V.E.)

Weird cat lady's cat is sick so she gets Dwight to go and feed it during lunch.

Dwight puts the dying cat in the freezer and kills it.

Michael gets the idea to start a Rabies 5k run because the lady that he hit gets a rabies shot since she was bit by a bat ...

Andy's nipples chafe so bad they bleed during the 5k run.

Stanley, Weird White guy, and the Gay guy take a taxi for drinks, which ends up dropping them off at the finish line around the time that they should be finishing.

Pam & Jim completely disregard the run and go out to a yard sale on the way.

Michael eats an entire Fet Alfredo meal before the race ... refuses to drink water because of the whole Rabies thing ... ends up dehydrated and in the hospital with the woman that he hit by the end of the show.

All of this sounds crazy I know ...

Sounds really hard to follow right?

But it's not ... it's awesome ...

Those that aren't watching ... start now.

Chuck - Monday - NBC

Cry Count: 0

Another new show ... But this one is actually good. I hope that it lasts! It seems to have a pretty good premise:

Normal Guy somehow gets a hold of some government secrets ... every one wants to kill him.

It was actually a really funny episode ... things seemed to flow nicely ... nothing was awkward (can't say the same for that stupid Big Bang Theory show) ... all and all it had a nice flow ...

Something to check out :)

I'll put some more effort in the next review about it ... Yeah ... that's it.

Grey's Anatomy - ABC - Thursday

Cry Count: 2

Oh Grey's Anatomy. How I've loved you from the beginning.

I remember watching the very first episode of this show ... over at Aaron's old apartment ... on the little tv ... with it on subtitles since I couldn't turn it on loud because the boys were all playing games ...

Anyway, fond memories.

This show has really gotten me through a lot. It's kind of cathartic. Actually ... it's really effing cathartic. When I need a really good cry ... pretty much every episode can get me there. ESPECIALLY the ones with Denny Duquette ... because, I love him. Seriously. Love him.

But on to this new season:

We've got a new Grey (So, if they DO kill of Meredith this season ... they can still call the show Grey's Anatomy), Poor George is still an intern, Christina actually showed a bit of emotion, Cally doesn't like being Chief Resident, Izzy saves a deer, Alex misses Rebecca (Me too Alex, Me too), Bailey is pissed, and the Chief is still Chief. ((Did I miss something?? Is he not giving up Chief?))

I do enjoy this whole "Old interns being new residents" thing ... and am very much looking forward to how this whole new intern thing works out.

I like Lexy Grey ... I don't care if any one else does ... I do. But she better not go for McDreamy ... she only needs to focus on giving Meredith some family or something. Seriously.

Oh, and how sucky is it that McDreamy and Mer broke up ... my DvR kicked off just as it looked as if he was leaning in for a kiss ... was he?? WAS HE???

I'm going to have to start watching Grey's and taping The Office ... :( But now Aaron and I won't be watching tv together on Thursday nights. Bleh!

P.S. I love the Decapitation. Very Very Touching ... Very.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

House - FOX - Tuesday

Cry Count: 1

Okay, so House is basically my favorite show of all time. I usually really like doctor shows a lot but this one is great because all of the illnesses are so freaking random! I did however really like House's team from the last three seasons and sad to say ... they aren't coming back like I had hoped they would.

This episode began with a building exploding and a woman getting trapped in the rubble. Cut to House jamming out on a nice looking guitar (can they MAKE him any hotter? I don't think so!!) refusing to do work, like he always is!!

Cuddy needs him on the case of the girl because she is running an extremely high fever and they can't figure out what is wrong with her. She also says that he desperately needs a team which he quickly refuses. They make a deal: If he can solve the case before the end of the day then he doesn't need a team.

Oh but he does need one!

He begins bouncing ideas off of a janitor, even making him pretend to be a doctor so that he can deal with the patients instead of House. Pretty damn funny idea if you ask me.

Some problems that I began to have with the episode did not involve the story but the camera views ... during a car scene it looked as if they were filming an MTV documentary. Maybe they gave the "new guy" the camera this episode or something ... who knows.

I won't give away the ending ... unless you people just pull it out of me ... but I thought it was a good one!! One that they haven't done before (they've done parasites three or four times now) so it was pretty nice.

He obviously doesn't solve the case in the first day because he always solves the case in the last 43 minutes of the show ... so now he has to hire a team ...

40 people starting out ... I wonder if this is going to be a little like an American Idol type thing. Will we start getting attached to all of the interns and be saddened when he lets them go ... or will we only get attached to a few and realize that these will be his "team" by the end of the season??

All we can do is watch and wait ...

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Big Bang Theory - CBS - Monday

I'm not watching this show.

Not only do I barely understand the jokes.

But I have no faith that it will last through the season.

I'm not getting attached.

That is all.

How I Met Your Mother - CBS - Monday

Cry count: 0
Laugh count: 1,000,000 +

First off, let me say ... THANK GOD FOR FALL LINE UP! I've been so freaking tired of bad television for the past four freaking months.

But back to the review:

HIMYM is back with a vengeance! It was freaking hilarious!! And those of you that missed it ... I'm almost certain that CBS puts them on the internet ... so watch, you won't be disappointed.

Today's episode had a few special guests, E. Inglesis, & M. Moore (Not a fan of bad girl Mandy, B the W) as well as the promise of finding out who the "mother" is!! (See: Yellow Umbrella) and of course great one, two, and three liners to keep me wanting hour long shows as opposed to the teasing thirty minutes!

We open where we left off last season ... "Dairy!!!" and then begin the rite of passage that anyone going through a break up most go through. Ted grows out a beard, repaints the apartment, and basically looks super scuzzy while Robin runs off to Argentina (Or something of the like). When she returns with Inglesis in tow, however, Ted immediately shaves off the beard and suits up for a night out on the town!

Rebounds happen fast ... and before Barney can get out a "Havvve you met Ted", Ted's already playing tonsil hockey with the bad girl Mandy Moore. Barney is pissed ... and as the night continues it gets worse!

Meanwhile, back at the apartment ... Marshal & Lilly invite over Robin and Enrique for dinner, even though Marshal is very weary of this new guy because Ted is his best friend. Push comes to massage and before the nights over with Everyone has a crush on Mr. Spanish himself!

Back to Ted, he's ditched Barney for a tattoo with the naughty Moore and then wakes up not remembering the night before! He looks at his arms and anything else visible and is relieved to find no tattoo. Upon closer inspection by his dear friends ... they realize that not only has he gotten a tattoo after all ... but it's a tramp stamp or hoe-tag ... but it's ALSO a butterfly! Barney nearly shits himself with the excitement of the new line of jokes that he is able to produce from here on out!

Ted, remembering the night before, runs over to Robin's house for a good yell ... but ends up finding GREAT NEWS.

Ted's "bigger" than Enrique ... therefore ... Ted wins the breakup!!!!

Commercial break ... credits rolling ... Marshall calls Barney at work ... and tells him to go to "this site"

What do you think about that??

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Family Guy - Sunday - FOX

Apparently I got my dates wrong ... Family Guy was going to be starting on the CW or some crap like that two Sunday's ago. But I'm guessing that this new Star Wars episode was the season premiere of the new Family Guy ... and it's back with some definite humor and satire.

At the opening of the show, the family is all sitting around watching television when the lights go out. This causes Peter to tell them a story ... all about Star Wars. They started with episode IV - A New Hope ... and I can only figure that they will continue to do these Star War episodes ... if not through out this season ... somewhere down the line at least.

I have to say I really enjoyed this retelling of Star Wars ... they got the main parts of the story told in an hour show, making fun of the scenes that seemed to be way to dramatic for my taste in the original. If you missed this episode, I strongly suggest finding some way to watch it!

They even made fun of the fact that they did a Star Wars episode after Robot Chicken did one. (Which was also really funny ... but with less of a story line)

I'm assuming that everyone seems to be doing these Star War spoofs because of the 30thLotR and Star Wars!! (WOOHOO FOR HP)

This review isn't as good as the others ... because it's kind of hard for me to review a cartoon ... ;-/ Plus, after my weekend with the "Ya Ya's" ... I'm pretty damn tired.

I also need to rest up for Premier week!! I have three tests this week ... AND all these new shows ... AND my birthday! I'm going to be crazy busy!!

Have a good week everyone ... keep checking back :)
anniversary of the movies being this year ... so hopefully thirty years from now we'll be seeing Harry Potter spoofs ... especially since the Harry Potter phenomenon just surpassed

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gossip Girl - CW - Wednesday

Cry count: 0

Okay ... so this show was not on my "Fall line-up", but I didn't know any thing about this coming on until about four days ago. I ended up reading the series (or some of it) Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar, it held my attention for a bit, I really like the actress Blake Lively who plays the lead good girl/bad girl(??) Serena Van de Woodsen, and it's written or directed or produced or something by the guy that did the O.C. (which I loved pre Marisa death)

It seems like the premise of the show is like any high school meets rich people show. Private school students ... doing way more stuff than I ever did in high school ... and getting away with everything. Just another one of those "oh poor me ... I'm rich but I still have problems" type affairs. However, it held my attention for the hour long broadcast ... and I plan on coming back for more next Wednesday. ((This means that my Wednesday schedule is going to be even MORE packed))

Serena (Or S as we will refer to her in true Gossip Girl form) is back from boarding school, much to the surprise of her old friends ... and everyone else in the town. S left in a hurry, telling no one where she was going or why (including her best friend Blair) and came back in the same fashion. She was the typical bad girl ... underage drinking, affairs with her friend B's boyfriend, and other dirt that hasn't quite been dug up yet. Surprise Surprise ... she comes back completely different, trying not to get wasted drunk, trying to re-patch the damage that her leaving caused her friends, and even making new (cuter) friends in the process.

One big mistake ... she never told B that she slept with her boyfriend (Nathan, or N).

B is shocked, and not very excited about seeing S come back into their lives ... she had always had a huge suspicion that S & N had a thing for each other and after N denies her sex attempt and spills the beans ... it's a war path.

As for the cute new friends ... there's Jenny & Dan (J & D) who seem to be something like the out casts that get a second chance. J did the invitations for B's party, therefore got invited ... and D just happened to be in the right place at the right time and ended up with a date with the coveted S. (The girl that he has crushed on since probably kindergarten)

There wouldn't be a show by the creator's of the O.C. without a sex scandal ... and besides N cheating on B with S ... N's friend Chuck (C) is the ultimate snake ... and tries to get with J during the Kiss on the Lips Party. Bad move, C.

J & D have a very close relationship for brothers and sisters that are that close in age ... and D comes to her rescue just as soon as his phone dings from the emergency text. Cutting the date short, S & D rush off to the party to save J from the evil C. Finding J & C on the roof, with C ignoring the poor J's protests ... D punches the guy in the face and S, D, & J head off in a cab.

But not before the ominous plot by C & B ... with a saddened N looking on.

I sure hope that they don't end up having two characters with the same first letter ... or this might get even more confusing!!

Like I mentioned, this seems like it's going to be a good show. The cast seems good, the story line is decently solid, and the plot line is just sinful enough to keep my attention.

Check it out if you haven't already ... and if you have ... well, you know what to do.

Kid Nation - CBS - Wednesday

Cry count: 3

There has been a lot of controversy behind CBS's new show "Kid Nation" that I feel was unwarranted. It's pretty obvious that television producers are not going to leave children out in the middle of the Arizona desert without some kind of adult supervision. The children range from ages 8 to 15 ... of course there are going to be some tears, of course some kids are going to get hurt ... kids get hurt every day falling off their bikes or stubbing their toes!

The show plays out like a decent psychology experiment. Can we get forty kids to work together and run a town? And from the way that the first episode seems to pan out ... it looks like it.

Four kids were picked (by producers) to be the town counsel ... however, if other kids think that they are not doing a good job, they are able to vote new town counsel members. Also, the kids are broken up into four teams, that the town counsel picked themselves. And of course ... it wouldn't be a reality show without a cash prize. Each town meeting (which happens every few days) the town counsel has the opportunity to pick one member of the town to get a "gold star." This isn't the paper sticker that "A" students get on their test papers back when I was younger .. this star is worth it's weight in Gold, which just happens to round out to exactly $20,000. The winner of the star gets to use it towards their future (hopefully the parents are smart enough to start a college fund) as well as getting the key to the only place with a phone so that they can call their parents! Also, the kids are able to leave during any of the town meetings, if they feel that they are home sick and they do not want to stay any more. One eight year old boy left tonight, he was such a little sweet heart and claimed "I'm only eight years old, I don't think that I'm ready for this!" Everyone tried to talk him into staying but they were also supportive of his decision to leave.

The "host" hosted the first team activity which ended up putting the kids into different levels. The Upper Class, The Merchants, The Cooks, & The Workers. Each of the groups: red, blue, green, and yellow had to pump their colored water from a geyser into a bucket and then carry the bucket to a group of three bottles and fill them. Sounds easy, but they also had a map that they had to look at, had to move their geyser to their colored pump, and once the pump ran dry had to move it again. The Red team won, followed by blue, then yellow (the youngest group), and finally the green team. They all get paid for each of the jobs that they do now, a dollar for the upper class, fifty cents for the merchants, twenty-five cents for the cooks, and only a nickel for the workers. Immediately, the workers complained that they had worked so hard every day and only got a nickel for it. This definitely gives the children a look on how difficult life can really be.

Most of the kids are very smart and mature ... in fact, the kids that are the most immature are the oldest, a fifteen year old and a fourteen year old. The first night that they were picked for their groups ... they went to the other teams bunks and wrote "blue" all over the signs that claimed their color. Annoying.

Overall, this show looks like it's going to very interesting. I really enjoyed watching it. Each time one of the kids started crying, I started tearing up as well ... but I'm a big sap as it is.

Did any one else watch? What'd you guys think!?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Feeling like Crap ...

So, it seems like it is the same every month. Super bad horrible cramps ... and a pissy attitude. But seriously, I am so sick of this crap.

I knew that my period was going to be bad this month because my boobs were unbelievably sore a week before my period. It's not just cramps that I get ... but I throw up ... I have serious problems with going to the bathroom, which makes me feel all bloated and I can't even sit down upright correctly. Instead, I have to kind of lean to the side when I sit down because otherwise it sends this really weird feeling of pressure up through my stomach.

I asked Loren to send me some of the Gyno's in the Woodlands because a few of her friends live out here and that's who they use. I haven't been to the doctor in over a year ... so it's definitely time to go. Hopefully, I won't have any problems getting in or anything like that ... for some reason around here you can only be a new patient and go to the doctor at a certain time. That's freaking stupid because people don't always have workable schedules!!

So ... sorry to make a stupid complaining post ... but cramps effing suck. :(

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 We Will Never Forget

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

An easy question to ask ... with a hard response to write. Each time I think about that day ... tears immediately come to my eyes. I know that it's been six years ... and I can only think about those poor families that have had to grow up with out wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, children, grandparents ... etc.

I am also proud that my country stood up like it did ... helped like it did ... and recovered like it has ...

Where was I?

I was in my junior year of high school, and my Spanish two teacher had asked me to go down to the Theatre department to bring something to one of the teachers. Once I made it there, one of my friends from Theatre was sitting in the hallway with a small hand radio. I asked her what was going on and what she was listening to and she's the one that told me that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Centers. I made it back to my Spanish class and told my teacher what was going on and the first thing that she said to me was "I hope that you are joking ..." She then figured out how to get the tv on a news station and for the rest of the class we watched the news to see what was going on. Not a lot of people knew yet and so after classes let out and we went on to our other classes the news slowly started spreading from the group of people that had been watching the news. Our group of friends (the Theatre group) were really really nervous because a lot of the seniors from the years before had moved off to New York. We weren't sure where they were ... or how we could get a hold of them and we were all really scared. Eventually, a girl came into our Chem class to say that they had heard from most of the people from New York and that they were doing okay. Later we found out another one of our friends was at a University in New York that was very close to the World Trade Center and had seen it all happen ... she was even one of the ones that started walking across the bridge.

I don't think that any of us will ever forget today ... I know that I won't and I know that I will always remember exactly where I was and exactly what I was doing. I don't believe that we shouldn't continue rehashing the things that happened to our Country on 9/11 ... I think that if any one ever forgets what happened ... THAT is when the terrorists win ... or THAT is when we give in to the terrorists.

I'll never forget ...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Fall Line Up!

Some of you might know this ... others might not ... but I plan on reviewing the new shows starting this fall. I think that'd it'd be really fun to do ... give a little back story ... recap the episode ... and then give my feedback. So, I spent a little bit of today going through the fall line up and writing down the shows that I plan on watching.

I'm going to type it all out here for you guys ... so that y'all will know! This way, you can come back here to see what I said about things ... and then we can have little discussions about it as well!

-- Fox -- Family Guy 8pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 10, 2007

-- CBS -- How I Met Your Mother 7pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 24, 2007
-- CBS -- The Big Bang Theory 7:30pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 24, 2007
-- NBC -- Chuck 7pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 24, 2007
-- NBC -- Heroes 8pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 24, 2007
-- NBC -- Journeyman 9pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 24, 2007

-- ABC -- Cavemen 7pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: October 2, 2007
-- CW -- Beauty and the Geek 7pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 18, 2007
-- FOX -- House 8pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 25, 2007

-- ABC -- Pushing Daisies 7pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: October 3, 2007
-- CBS -- Kid Nation 7pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 19, 2007
-- NBC -- Bionic Woman 8pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 26, 2007

-- NBC -- 30 Rock 7:30pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: October 4, 2007
-- NBC -- The Office 8pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 27, 2007
-- ABC -- Grey's Anatomy 8pm Central Standard Time --
Season Premiere: September 27, 2007

There you go folks, that's the line up. Check back Sunday night for my first review on the Family Guy Season Premiere!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Halloween Review

Before I make a review on this movie ... I should probably give you a bit of a background on my horror movie experiences. Otherwise, a lot of you are not going to agree with what I have to say ... and that's perfectly fine since you are entitled to your own opinion and all.

I was basically watching horror movies from the womb. My mom and my grandparents were never the type of parents that tried to shield me from horror movies. Personally, I think that it's kind of silly when parents do that ... especially now a days when you can see most of what a horror movie was like back in the 80's on prime time television now! The only thing that I would have to do is cover my eyes during the sex scenes ... which I also thought was pretty silly ... but whatever!

Anyway ... so I grew up with the genre of horror movies that brought us Freddy (My favorite), Jason, Hellraiser, and the original Halloween.
I do not mine blood ... infact, I prefer it. I do not mind vulgar language ... as long as it's warranted ... with that said ... On to the review!!

**Spoiler Alert** --There could be slight plot issues that I will discuss ... but nothing to give away anything ... however ... don't get pissed if you find out something that you didn't want to find out ... with that said: Here we go --

Halloween, the new movie by Rob Zombie has a huge influence from Rob Zombie himself. There is no mistaking that he wrote and directed this movie ... especially if you've seen House of 1000 corpses or The Devil's Rejects. There is a hell of a lot of cussing involved. For the most part ... I don't think that it's warranted ... except to show that the life that Michael Myers had was not a very good one. The rough nature of his step-father, his annoying sister, and his stripper mother slowly start to make the audience feel some kind of remorse for the poor kid.

Also, besides a few characters in this movie ... I had no regrets for their deaths what so ever. I'm not sure if that was an intentional move on Zombie's part ... or if it just ended up that way. The teenagers are bratty, stupid, and talk about raunchy horrible things. The adults for the most part are losers ... and I don't care for them either. Therefore, when Michael did his kills ... I was actually more excited about the gruesome way he was doing it ... than upset that these people were being killed at all.

It's far more graphic than the original ... which is of course to be expected. There is no way that a person can make a horror movie in this day in age with out a lot of blood. There is also a lot more killings than in the original ... which works for me! I can't stand horror movies that are a bunch of stupid kids going on a stupid vacation through most of the movie ... and finally people start dying in the last 30 minutes. Zombie delivered in this aspect!

Basically, the story is slightly the same except that you get more of an insight in the life of Michael, including the time that he is in the asylum. It was definitely good entertainment! And I won't mind buying a copy ... or even seeing it again in theatres!!

I give Halloween Directed & Written by Rob Zombie 4 out of 5 Stars!!

--Real fast: Check out ... I want to do this ... how do you think that I would go about it? Aaron should be getting me an Apple computer soon ... I know that will have a camera on it ... but I will also need a little camera ... and a way to broadcast .. does anyone know?

Monday, September 3, 2007

A blog about a Honeymoon

Finally, a little bit of a break. Or at least, enough of one for me to actually get a post about the honeymoon in here. I've been busy with homework since I started school the day that we got back from the honeymoon!

Sunday August 12, 2007: We woke up and loaded up our stuff from our hotel and then headed to my grandpa's house to drop off the tuxes and my dress before we drove out to Galveston. While we were there we opened some gifts and chatted with my aunt, cousin, and Pawpaw for a bit. It normally takes about an hour and 20 minutes to get to the Ferry but the ferry line was VERY long and we ended up sitting in the line for an hour. It was freaking ridiculously hot and we had to sit there for the 15 minutes that it takes to get from land to Galveston in the heat because they won't let you have your car on. But after that it was basically smooth sailing! There wasn't very many lines that we had to wait in and we were on the boat and in our room by 3pm! We walked around a bit and then went to our lifejacket meeting. Afterwards, we walked around a bit more and then went to our dinner. We ended up sitting with two other Newly Weds that were our age so it was really nice to have people that had stuff in common with us at our table. After that we went to some kind of Cigar Aficionado thing which was kind of dumb since I don't even know how to smoke cigars before we hung out with one of the couple's from our table and then went to bed.

Monday, August 13, 2007: Well, I started my period on this day ... how shitty is that? I've had trouble with it the past few months and my cycle was getting up to about 47 days ... but not during the honeymoon! It was right back on a 28 day cycle ... sucks! Besides that, we went to this cocktail seminar where we payed 10 dollars for what was supposed to be 4 mixed drinks but ended up being about 12 a piece! Needless to say ... we were decently intoxicated. But being young ... some of us just didn't know when to stop. So we stopped off at the bar after the seminar and had a couple of other drinks and a shot of tequila (Patron). Well, that was the killer ... Marisa (one of the girls from our table) started puking basically like in her hand and had to run to their room ... and Aaron started not feeling too well at all. I totally held my liqueur!! But that's only because I'm awesome! So Aaron didn't make it to dinner that night ... and it was formal night that I had to attend by myself. But it was still okay because the people at our table were nice. The couple that we had went to the cocktail seminar with actually made it ... but they weren't doing so well either! I ended up just going back to the room and watching some tv while Aaron slept away his drunken yuckiness!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007: Our "THREE YEAR" Anniversary!! We also landed in Cozumel this day. Last time Aaron went, they were dropped off right by Carlos and Charlie's but this time we were dropped off in this area that JUST had shops and it was freaking sucky. We basically got raped for our money ... but I did get a pretty ring!! We both were really looking forward to Cozumel but we weren't all that happy with it afterwards. We would have had to get a taxi to go to Carlos and Charlie's and there was no way that I was going to get in a taxi in a country that I didn't speak the language. We ended up going back on the ship early and hanging out in the hot tub area for a while because there wasn't very many people on the boat. The normal stuff after that ... hanging out and going to eat and then going back to the room for bed. We would have stayed out more but the boat was REALLY rocking for some reason the first few days so we had to take some of those sickness meds which made us both really tired.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007: Today we went to Rhoatan, Honduras. We were both really weary about the place at first because we didn't know much about it, but it was definitely our favorite spot. We went to this Pirates, Parrots, and Monkey's thing which was the coolest thing EVER!! I've never got to touch a monkey, better yet have one crawl all over me ... but it was definitely a VERY cool experience!! We also got a tour of the place and it was absolutely beautiful! I would like to go back there for a week ... it was totally worth it. We didn't really shop or anything in Rhoatan because we were still feeling the holes in our pockets from Cozumel. We came back to the boat and took a nap because we had walked around in the sun a lot that day and it was going to be a yummy dinner that night so we wanted to be rested!! We went to one of the shows that night ... but it was kind of corny ... and then we went to dinner. The boat was still rocking pretty rough (I'm guessing because of the tropical storm that was in front of us) so we just went back to the room and passed out.

Thursday, August 16, 2007: We were supposed to stop is Costa Maya but when we got there the water was so choppy that the captain didn't think it safe to dock. He said that the boat could have bumped into the dock and all of that ... and no one wants to be stranded!! So we ended up having another cruise day. It was pretty cool because they were finally able to slow the boat down enough for it to stop rocking so badly. We were really able to enjoy ourselves this day! We went and did some trivia games and played bingo. The food was once again awesome ... I'm pretty sure that I gained some serious weight while I was on the trip ... but I refuse to look at my scale to find out!!

Friday, August 17, 2007: We docked in Progresso which was my next favorite place! We got a free shuttle from the boat to the beach and were able to just chill out on the beach for the day! It was lovely!! The water was gorgeous and we had a little table and everything. The only thing that sucked about it was all of the people that kept coming up and trying to sell stuff. It was crazy ... like they even had BABIES (like 2-3) trying to sell stuff. We also went shopping here for souvenirs and hung out basically all day in Progresso. (We were docked for nearly 12 hours since we didn't get to stop in Costa Maya the day before) That night after dinner we walked around and I did Kamikaze Karaoke which was really cool. You didn't get to pick your song you just had to hope that you knew it. I like to think that I did pretty well :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007: It was another cruise day ... but I just sat in the room all day. I played DS for a while and then I went to sleep for a bit. I wanted to get a lot of rest before I started school on Monday!! Aaron sat out by the pool all day, when he came back we got ready for dinner and then packed up all of our clothes. After dinner that night we watched Shrek 3 in our room and then went to sleep because we had to wake up really early on Sunday so that we could do early departure.

Sunday, August 19, 2007: We were off the boat by 8am and on the road. We stopped by Loren (Aaron's sister's house) to pick up some of our stuff and then we went the rest of the way home and started hauling stuff up the three flights of stairs. Then my grandpa showed up a bit later with more of our gifts and all of that ... so more going up and down the stairs!! We unpacked our stuff and washed clothes ... then I got all of my stuff ready for school to start and tried to watch the shows that I needed to watch on our DVR. I didn't got to bed that night until like 2:30 or something ... I guess just because I was really excited about school the next day or something ... because I should have been freaking exhausted!!

So there you go guys ... not very exciting really ... but Aaron and I definitely enjoyed ourselves! We are also enjoying ourselves ever since!! Things have been going perfect ... no arguments or anything like that! We've been pretty freaking busy though ... trying to take things back and going different places on the weekend, etc etc. Plus with all the homework that I have ... yeah!! So, I'm sorry that I have not posted in a while ... but I'll try my hardest to get back in the groove!!

Stay tuned for my Halloween Review!!!