Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Office - Thursday - NBC

Cry count: 0
Laugh count: 50,000,000

First let me scream from the top of my lungs how excited that I am about the Office finally being back!!

This is seriously extremely amazing television!! The writing is superb, every one can relate to it, and it's just damn hilarious!!!

Basically, for those that have been living under a rock for the past few years ... the premise of the show is "The life of people who work in an Office", it's filmed with a documentary type flair ... including interviews with the office members through out the day. They all work in a paper factory and I wouldn't think that paper workers would be this freaking hilarious ... but they SO are!!

From last season: The Temp got the job at Corporate ... leaving Michael still in charge of the Scranton crew, Jim broke up with Karen and asked Pam to dinner (Double YAY to this), Dwight and crazy weird cat lady blonde chick still hiding their "togetherness", Stanley still hates his job, Old white guy is still weird, Temp broke up with what's her name that talks to much, etc etc etc.

This season begins with the same type of excitedness ... except that Michael runs over one of the members of the office, breaking her pelvis, and putting her in the hospital.

Pam & Jim are secretly dating (L.O.V.E.)

Weird cat lady's cat is sick so she gets Dwight to go and feed it during lunch.

Dwight puts the dying cat in the freezer and kills it.

Michael gets the idea to start a Rabies 5k run because the lady that he hit gets a rabies shot since she was bit by a bat ...

Andy's nipples chafe so bad they bleed during the 5k run.

Stanley, Weird White guy, and the Gay guy take a taxi for drinks, which ends up dropping them off at the finish line around the time that they should be finishing.

Pam & Jim completely disregard the run and go out to a yard sale on the way.

Michael eats an entire Fet Alfredo meal before the race ... refuses to drink water because of the whole Rabies thing ... ends up dehydrated and in the hospital with the woman that he hit by the end of the show.

All of this sounds crazy I know ...

Sounds really hard to follow right?

But it's not ... it's awesome ...

Those that aren't watching ... start now.

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KellerandCheese said...

yesssssss! Great way to start off the new season. I am excited for the whole season. yehesssss