Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gossip Girl - CW - Wednesday

Cry count: 0

Okay ... so this show was not on my "Fall line-up", but I didn't know any thing about this coming on until about four days ago. I ended up reading the series (or some of it) Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar, it held my attention for a bit, I really like the actress Blake Lively who plays the lead good girl/bad girl(??) Serena Van de Woodsen, and it's written or directed or produced or something by the guy that did the O.C. (which I loved pre Marisa death)

It seems like the premise of the show is like any high school meets rich people show. Private school students ... doing way more stuff than I ever did in high school ... and getting away with everything. Just another one of those "oh poor me ... I'm rich but I still have problems" type affairs. However, it held my attention for the hour long broadcast ... and I plan on coming back for more next Wednesday. ((This means that my Wednesday schedule is going to be even MORE packed))

Serena (Or S as we will refer to her in true Gossip Girl form) is back from boarding school, much to the surprise of her old friends ... and everyone else in the town. S left in a hurry, telling no one where she was going or why (including her best friend Blair) and came back in the same fashion. She was the typical bad girl ... underage drinking, affairs with her friend B's boyfriend, and other dirt that hasn't quite been dug up yet. Surprise Surprise ... she comes back completely different, trying not to get wasted drunk, trying to re-patch the damage that her leaving caused her friends, and even making new (cuter) friends in the process.

One big mistake ... she never told B that she slept with her boyfriend (Nathan, or N).

B is shocked, and not very excited about seeing S come back into their lives ... she had always had a huge suspicion that S & N had a thing for each other and after N denies her sex attempt and spills the beans ... it's a war path.

As for the cute new friends ... there's Jenny & Dan (J & D) who seem to be something like the out casts that get a second chance. J did the invitations for B's party, therefore got invited ... and D just happened to be in the right place at the right time and ended up with a date with the coveted S. (The girl that he has crushed on since probably kindergarten)

There wouldn't be a show by the creator's of the O.C. without a sex scandal ... and besides N cheating on B with S ... N's friend Chuck (C) is the ultimate snake ... and tries to get with J during the Kiss on the Lips Party. Bad move, C.

J & D have a very close relationship for brothers and sisters that are that close in age ... and D comes to her rescue just as soon as his phone dings from the emergency text. Cutting the date short, S & D rush off to the party to save J from the evil C. Finding J & C on the roof, with C ignoring the poor J's protests ... D punches the guy in the face and S, D, & J head off in a cab.

But not before the ominous plot by C & B ... with a saddened N looking on.

I sure hope that they don't end up having two characters with the same first letter ... or this might get even more confusing!!

Like I mentioned, this seems like it's going to be a good show. The cast seems good, the story line is decently solid, and the plot line is just sinful enough to keep my attention.

Check it out if you haven't already ... and if you have ... well, you know what to do.


Amanda Leigh said...

I thought about watching this after I finished watching a disappointing America's Next Top Model (all the models are ugly!), but I just couldn't make myself. I can't stand Blake Lively. There's somthing weird about her that bugs me. I can't figure out what it is. I didn't like her in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants either.

On the bright side though, one week till new Grey's!!

Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

Well I read both blogs, but I’m only commenting on this one …

I’m not too into shows like this Gossip Girls show … I never could get into The OC, One Tree Hill, The Hill, etc (I assume they’re all like this). Plus I’m not good at following shows w. too much going on … I get confused (ask Amanda about the time we tried to watch “Saved”).

As for the Kid Nation show … I’m glad you watched it. Because I was one of those people who was like “O my God! … They can not do this to these kids! … One of them is going to have a nervous breakdown!” (because in the previews they show some rough stuff – wanting to kill the chickens, kids crying, fighting, etc) … But now, with your review, I may try to catch it next week.

*Make sure you do this EVERY week … and do it well for How I Met Your Mother … I have school Monday nights from 6:30-9:30. So I’m relying on you to let me know what happened. :)

Jules said...

Oh! I read about this show too, I will def have to check it out now! I'm loving your reviews by the way... so excited for next week!

Aggie said...

It all sounds a bit too confusing for me ... lol!
I'm not even sure if we get the show here "down under" anyway ... but I'll keep a look out in case.

Aggie said...

btw, We get the shows ... like Grey's, etc that survive the networks axings at the end of your season. If they don't get past the ratings game they get the chop!