Monday, September 24, 2007

How I Met Your Mother - CBS - Monday

Cry count: 0
Laugh count: 1,000,000 +

First off, let me say ... THANK GOD FOR FALL LINE UP! I've been so freaking tired of bad television for the past four freaking months.

But back to the review:

HIMYM is back with a vengeance! It was freaking hilarious!! And those of you that missed it ... I'm almost certain that CBS puts them on the internet ... so watch, you won't be disappointed.

Today's episode had a few special guests, E. Inglesis, & M. Moore (Not a fan of bad girl Mandy, B the W) as well as the promise of finding out who the "mother" is!! (See: Yellow Umbrella) and of course great one, two, and three liners to keep me wanting hour long shows as opposed to the teasing thirty minutes!

We open where we left off last season ... "Dairy!!!" and then begin the rite of passage that anyone going through a break up most go through. Ted grows out a beard, repaints the apartment, and basically looks super scuzzy while Robin runs off to Argentina (Or something of the like). When she returns with Inglesis in tow, however, Ted immediately shaves off the beard and suits up for a night out on the town!

Rebounds happen fast ... and before Barney can get out a "Havvve you met Ted", Ted's already playing tonsil hockey with the bad girl Mandy Moore. Barney is pissed ... and as the night continues it gets worse!

Meanwhile, back at the apartment ... Marshal & Lilly invite over Robin and Enrique for dinner, even though Marshal is very weary of this new guy because Ted is his best friend. Push comes to massage and before the nights over with Everyone has a crush on Mr. Spanish himself!

Back to Ted, he's ditched Barney for a tattoo with the naughty Moore and then wakes up not remembering the night before! He looks at his arms and anything else visible and is relieved to find no tattoo. Upon closer inspection by his dear friends ... they realize that not only has he gotten a tattoo after all ... but it's a tramp stamp or hoe-tag ... but it's ALSO a butterfly! Barney nearly shits himself with the excitement of the new line of jokes that he is able to produce from here on out!

Ted, remembering the night before, runs over to Robin's house for a good yell ... but ends up finding GREAT NEWS.

Ted's "bigger" than Enrique ... therefore ... Ted wins the breakup!!!!

Commercial break ... credits rolling ... Marshall calls Barney at work ... and tells him to go to "this site"

What do you think about that??


Amanda Leigh said...

"This is so going in my blog!" "Gayle?" "Girl?" There is not a sitcom on television right now that's better than this. This show is my absolute fave and I'm totally buying season 2 on DVD next Tuesday.
Do you think it was intentional that Mandy Whore looked like Amy Winehouse and was named Amy?

Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

I was going to read this … but I think I need to watch (borrow) season 2 from Lolo first … I’m too confused …

Ugh … looks like I’m always going to be a season behind on this show

Amanda Leigh said...

oooh... I just went to that website. Weird. Marshall still has 2 slaps left for Barney (from the Slap Bet) so maybe the countdown is for the next time Marshall slaps Barney.. That's my theory