Friday, October 17, 2008


I just checked my SAM (University) email account and I had an email from another student (one that I have never met, nor care to meet) telling me that I should vote for Proposition 8.

First, let me remind everyone that I am in the state of Texas. Let me also mention that our proposition 8 has nothing to do with the email that she ignorantly sent out. Our proposition 8 involves clarifying rules on taking out a second mortgage on a house.

The email that she sent out was about Proposition 8 for California. It talks about same sex marriage being taught in schools.

She's an idiot, obviously.

So I sent her an email back:

First things first, I think that you should take into consideration the beliefs of the other university students that you have sent this email to before sending a mass email to every address that begins with a letter "a" on campus.

Personally, I think that you should realize that Proposition 8 in Texas has absolutely nothing to do with this Proposition 8. In fact, this proposition 8 deals with California laws, not ours. Our prop 8 for the state of Texas clarifies rules involved in taking out second mortgages. So, not only has this email that you have sent out probably offended some people, but it also is completely irrelevant to our state issues or propositions. I am a christian woman married to a loving husband, however, I am not afraid of how I will explain same sex marriages to my children. I am not naive enough to believe that my future children will come across an issue or a question involving same sex parents. It's just the way that it is going to be. Instead of passing around insulting emails that force one set of beliefs on other unsuspecting people, perhaps you should try thinking about what you would say to a child if a situation like this is broached. There is no reason to get crazed or upset about something like "same sex marriage", because it is a right that is being given to more people every day. I am not saying that you should embrace it as your own belief at all, however, I do think that you should keep your beliefs to yourself and chose not to send out biased emails in the future.

Once again, this proposition has absolutely nothing to do with our state propositions. So for the most part this is an erroneous email. However, in the future, I hope that you will remember that you could offend other people by sending out your own political views. If you agree with this, fine! But I find it rude and pretentious to think that the other people that you sent this email to has the same views on the matter.

-- Rachel