Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ugh. I'm so tired.


I can't wait until December ... I'm so freaking exhausted for some reason. I just don't get it ;-/ I'm tired all the freaking time.

I have all these looming deadlines as well ... so I think it' starting to wear on me a bit I guess.

But I'll get through ... I always do!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Master Cleanse Journals

Master Cleanse Day 2

WT: 180
(So, I've lost three pounds since I weighed on Sunday)

It's 12:05, I haven't had any of the "shakes" as of yet, but I did drink the Salt Water thing this morning and it took about 45 minutes before it started to take effect ... if you know what I mean.

I can't really decide if I'm hungry or not ... I mean my stomach is growling ... but I have already gone one day with out eating any food ... so I feel like I just have to continue. Especially having lost 3 pounds.

Therefore, things are still going well :)


I did not drink the SW stuff, because I had to go to school and so I didn't want to have to pull over to go to the bathroom or anything like that. I did drink my Shakes however, and I slept for a few hours to take away from the hunger that I felt.

I'm not feeling "sick" or anything like that ... although, last night before I went to bed I had a headache.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Because of Aaron taking too long to call about getting me on his health insurance ... I can't get put on it until the beginning of next year.

He had to have called within thirty days. And I already used my married name during a doctor's visit ... so I'm hoping that my insurance won't catch that (fat chance) and end up not paying for my gyno visit. Also ... now I can't go and get a second opinion about my periods ... until the beginning of the year. I guess this could be good and bad because I can give the birth control a chance to see if it is going to work.

Speaking of periods. BLEH, I'm on mine now. It doesn't seem as bad as it was last time ... meaning that I can keep food down ... but I still am not feeling well, and I haven't been feeling well probably since Thursday. I am going to be taking this "femcon" thing or something like that ... but maybe I should ask about "Yaz" because that's the stuff that is for that really bad PMS stuff??? Who knows ;-/ Bleh bleh bleh!!

The freaking sky dropped on top of us this afternoon while we were in Target and by the time we got home we had to wade through water that was up to my thighs! I quickly grabbed Emily from where she was hiding behind the neighbors chairs so that she could come in the house and stay warm and get some food. But she wanted to go back out once it stopped raining a bit.

And of course ... as if I couldn't hate our apartment any more ... the ceiling is now leaking water. Awesome. Although, I guess that it's better than the people that live on the bottom floor ... because I have a feeling that they were flooded. Sucks.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Working on a new me.

As of yesterday I started my new work out regime. Aaron and I are going to start running everyday. My machine of choice is the elliptical. I set it up on cardio and run two miles. Aaron ran/walked two miles on the treadmill but only did one today because he didn't want to over-exert himself before he went to work.

I also plan on doing the "master cleanse" (google it) starting the 21nd of this month. We are going to eat a really nice dinner at Pappa's steakhouse on Saturday the 20th ... so that should be a perfect way to end my eating for a bit.

It's a ten day cleanse where I drink a lot of this "lemonade" type concoction with Cheyenne pepper and maple syrup or something like that. I've researched it and it seems like it works for a lot of people. I'm only doing it for ten days ... and I will be getting all of the nutrients that I need. Therefore, I do not need any one's negative opinions please.

Homework is a daunting task.

I have to run off to the store ... and then come home and start on the homework process + clean house.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things going on.

I think that I'm going to have to stop reviewing television shows. It's not all that rewarding ... plus, I don't even get to blog about my self any more because I'm too busy blogging about television shows!!

I'm at my sister-in-law's elementary school at the moment, "helping" with the book fair. We've been here since 7 and it's 5:30 ... and we won't be leaving for another 2 hours. I've been freaking exhausted! So exhausted that I ended up laying in the office around three and taking a short nap, I felt like I was in Pre-school again.

Plus, it's freezing in here ... not that kind of freezing where it's bareable ... but the kind of freezing that is so uncomfortable!! Nothing seems to be giving off heat, so I had to run out to starbucks and get a hot chocolate to warm up my insides!! I also am not feeling all that well, I don't think that I slept at all last night ... I think I just "rested". It was a weird feeling.

Today is our two month anniversary being married!! It's still absolutely lovely :)

I was watching this "Who's wedding is it anyway" recap thing on the Style channel the other day ... and these people were talking about how after they got married it wasn't what they thought that it was going to be at all and that they started thinking about divorce. The guy said "I mean, I know it's something that is eventually going to be thought about ... but I didn't think that it was going to be in the first year."

Well jeez ... if you think that that is going to be something that you are going to think about at any point in time ... you probably should wait on getting married. It seems to me like you aren't really in it for the long haul!

We still haven't had any arguments, only slight disagreements on opinions which are resolved in a few seconds. It's really quite nice :)

I thoroughly suggest Marriage to everyone ... I mean, as long as you love each other like Aaron and I love each other :)

Hope everyone else is good ... maybe after all this school and crap dies down some I can get back to my fun loving blogs ... please bear with me :-/

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gossip Girl - Wednesday - 8pm - CW

This weeks episode just keeps getting better and better.

Now that S has no one but her brother "E" to talk to, she begins spending more and more time with him. Too bad that the biggest week of the groups life is right now ... Ivy Week.

That's right, this is the whole reason that these kids are even AT this school, including the not very well of D & J. Their parents sacrificed everything to get them into a school that could get them into the ivy league of their choice.

But, we all know that money means everything.

N's father wants him to follow in his footsteps and go to Dartmouth, however N doesn't feel like it's his first choice. D SERIOUSLY wants to get into Dartmouth, C originally wanted Yale until he saw the super hot Princeton rep, and B also wants Yale ... mainly because of her lovely father.
Where does S want to go? Brown ... and Brown alone. She's tired of all of this crap and wants to move away to a state where no one knows her ... too bad she's still got two more years of hell, AKA B.

The girls are at each others throats ... both of them fighting with their claws out, although B's claws are much sharper. She's looking for a way to get back at S and gets C to follow her. And where does S spend her after noons? With her brother in the rehab center of course. C & B hatch a plan ... and poor little S has no idea.

At the ivy league mixer, each member of this drama fest tries their best to get the attention of school of their choice. S has brought her brother, E, along as her date, since she doesn't really have any one else! J, D's sister, I think has a big crush on E ... and while they are at the party he confides in J what really happened to him. Unfortunately, B doesn't hear all of this.

She stands in front of the crowd to announce the facility that her group will do their charity work with this year and low and behold if it isn't the rehab center. Getting her story wrong however, she fingers S as the addict and forces her on stage in front of all of the Ivy League reps and other hopefuls.

S gives a touching speech about forgiveness that B snubs, naturally. The good news? It seems like D & S might be on speaking terms again after J tells D that it's S's brother E in rehab and not S.

E corners B and tells her what is REALLY going on, and it immediately makes B upset. Utoh, did she get over her head? I guess we'll have to find out next time ... on Gossip Girl.

Let me catch you up: Gossip Girl - Wednesday - 8pm

I'm so behind, but I think that I might have gotten in a little over my head. Who decides to make something that is as fun as watching television into some kind of a job?

Whatever, that's beside the point ... let me say that whomever isn't watching Gossip Girl is seriously missing out! I'm loving me some of this drama!!

In last wednesday's episode (Somewhere back in September .. not yesterday) we find S & D in a pretty decent little relationship, S needs to find someone that she can talk to during her time of strife and D has been in love with S since he was in diapers.

Unfortunately, C is very hurt by his encounter with D's fist after the kiss on the lips party with J, N is supposed to never speak to S again (on B's orders), and B is seriously after some of S's blood once she found out that S & N slept together.

What better way to get the drama going? Head out to the annual brunch that C's family puts together for all of the local "legacies".

Before all of this goes down however, S goes to try and make it right with B (not knowing that B found out about her slutty past). B let's her know that it's on for sure ... and NO one sleeps with B's boyfriend and gets away with it.

At the brunch N corners S and makes her meet him upstairs in C's suite, while C gives B the keys to his suite so that she can finally lose her big "V" with N. Naturally, they all meet in his suite with disaster in the cards. B runs down stairs and blurts out all of S & N's dirty laundry, and poor D takes a serious heart hit. I'm unsure if he is disappointed, or if he thought that S was little miss Perfect.

Either way, score one for B and S is back down to ZERO friends.
Well, besides her brother ... who is still in that facility for people with addiction and suicidal behavior ... you guessed it ... that's what S came back ... and no one knows ... not even D.

Monday, October 1, 2007

How I met your Mother

In today’s episode of How I Met Your Mother Barney is certain that Robin will get tired of her new hot man at any moment. He claims that no one in their right mind can enjoy a never ending vacation once they get back to the real world. Poor Ted is maintaining that as long is Robin is happy so is he. In other news: Lily Pad & Marshmellow are getting their things together just incase one of them dies. Lily says that she has all kinds of information written down and that she wrote a letter to Marshall and put it in her folder to be given to the lawyers. Marshall didn’t realize that they were supposed to write letters to each other, so he goes back and writes this hilarious good bye letter before realizing that Lily’s is only her atm number and taking care of last minute affairs. Barney’s great idea for the episode: Pretend to be tourists to get laid!! Unfortunately they find “two of the dullest New Yorkers in the state” Robin’s annoyingly hot boyfriend ends up letting random people stay in her apartment, much to her dismay. Barney’s plan backfires: Robbed and beaten, Barney & Ted give their report to the police, then finds out that the hot girls that claimed they lived in New York actually live in New Jersey, and Ted “Will do a lot to get laid … but he will NOT go to New Jersey”. Robin continues to struggle with her “inner vacationer” before realizing that it was all about getting over her breakup. Finally breaking up with Gael (Thank the good lord) and turned back into regular Robin. This one wasn’t as laugh out loud funny as the one’s before … I’m hoping that they haven’t started losing their touch or anything. Normally, I’m laughing the entire time … but maybe today I’m just really tired and worn out. Thoughts?