Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gossip Girl - Wednesday - 8pm - CW

This weeks episode just keeps getting better and better.

Now that S has no one but her brother "E" to talk to, she begins spending more and more time with him. Too bad that the biggest week of the groups life is right now ... Ivy Week.

That's right, this is the whole reason that these kids are even AT this school, including the not very well of D & J. Their parents sacrificed everything to get them into a school that could get them into the ivy league of their choice.

But, we all know that money means everything.

N's father wants him to follow in his footsteps and go to Dartmouth, however N doesn't feel like it's his first choice. D SERIOUSLY wants to get into Dartmouth, C originally wanted Yale until he saw the super hot Princeton rep, and B also wants Yale ... mainly because of her lovely father.
Where does S want to go? Brown ... and Brown alone. She's tired of all of this crap and wants to move away to a state where no one knows her ... too bad she's still got two more years of hell, AKA B.

The girls are at each others throats ... both of them fighting with their claws out, although B's claws are much sharper. She's looking for a way to get back at S and gets C to follow her. And where does S spend her after noons? With her brother in the rehab center of course. C & B hatch a plan ... and poor little S has no idea.

At the ivy league mixer, each member of this drama fest tries their best to get the attention of school of their choice. S has brought her brother, E, along as her date, since she doesn't really have any one else! J, D's sister, I think has a big crush on E ... and while they are at the party he confides in J what really happened to him. Unfortunately, B doesn't hear all of this.

She stands in front of the crowd to announce the facility that her group will do their charity work with this year and low and behold if it isn't the rehab center. Getting her story wrong however, she fingers S as the addict and forces her on stage in front of all of the Ivy League reps and other hopefuls.

S gives a touching speech about forgiveness that B snubs, naturally. The good news? It seems like D & S might be on speaking terms again after J tells D that it's S's brother E in rehab and not S.

E corners B and tells her what is REALLY going on, and it immediately makes B upset. Utoh, did she get over her head? I guess we'll have to find out next time ... on Gossip Girl.


Amanda Leigh said...

b/c Christina is moving in and Buttercup is in love w/ her and won't leave her alone. She's allergic to cats. Roxie doesn't mess w/ C though, so she's cool. Butter is gonna go live w/ my mom.

I bet Nakomis drinks some booze and barks at your cat.

I keep thinking he will one day but he's a punk.

Christin said...

hi sweetie! im at work and havent had time to read your post... but i wanted to let you know that i was thinking of you~ hope all is well!

Jules said...

I will have to just blog that story here in the next few days. Its pretty ridiculous! I hope you have not had the same problems I did!

Winnie said...

Too many TV updates...when is the baby coming????
did you get my new blog invite...
formery real desperate housewife.....