Monday, October 1, 2007

How I met your Mother

In today’s episode of How I Met Your Mother Barney is certain that Robin will get tired of her new hot man at any moment. He claims that no one in their right mind can enjoy a never ending vacation once they get back to the real world. Poor Ted is maintaining that as long is Robin is happy so is he. In other news: Lily Pad & Marshmellow are getting their things together just incase one of them dies. Lily says that she has all kinds of information written down and that she wrote a letter to Marshall and put it in her folder to be given to the lawyers. Marshall didn’t realize that they were supposed to write letters to each other, so he goes back and writes this hilarious good bye letter before realizing that Lily’s is only her atm number and taking care of last minute affairs. Barney’s great idea for the episode: Pretend to be tourists to get laid!! Unfortunately they find “two of the dullest New Yorkers in the state” Robin’s annoyingly hot boyfriend ends up letting random people stay in her apartment, much to her dismay. Barney’s plan backfires: Robbed and beaten, Barney & Ted give their report to the police, then finds out that the hot girls that claimed they lived in New York actually live in New Jersey, and Ted “Will do a lot to get laid … but he will NOT go to New Jersey”. Robin continues to struggle with her “inner vacationer” before realizing that it was all about getting over her breakup. Finally breaking up with Gael (Thank the good lord) and turned back into regular Robin. This one wasn’t as laugh out loud funny as the one’s before … I’m hoping that they haven’t started losing their touch or anything. Normally, I’m laughing the entire time … but maybe today I’m just really tired and worn out. Thoughts?

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Amanda Leigh said...

I know, I was kinda bored the whole episode. Marshall's superstitious dance was funny and Ted's New Jersey speech was good, but I really didn't like the Robin storyline.
It was cool though b/c that's the first time we've seen Marshall & Lily in the future time.