Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Master Cleanse Journals

Master Cleanse Day 2

WT: 180
(So, I've lost three pounds since I weighed on Sunday)

It's 12:05, I haven't had any of the "shakes" as of yet, but I did drink the Salt Water thing this morning and it took about 45 minutes before it started to take effect ... if you know what I mean.

I can't really decide if I'm hungry or not ... I mean my stomach is growling ... but I have already gone one day with out eating any food ... so I feel like I just have to continue. Especially having lost 3 pounds.

Therefore, things are still going well :)


I did not drink the SW stuff, because I had to go to school and so I didn't want to have to pull over to go to the bathroom or anything like that. I did drink my Shakes however, and I slept for a few hours to take away from the hunger that I felt.

I'm not feeling "sick" or anything like that ... although, last night before I went to bed I had a headache.


Amanda Leigh said...

dude, you're a trooper.. I'm hungry for you.

Aggie said...

Hope you can keep it up. Good luck!

Christin said...

im so excited you're doing the master cleanse thing - ive always wanted to try it so keep the updates coming!

and yes, i will help you with your banner in my boooredom! :)

luv ya!

Winnie said...

Oh you strong woman..I should really do a detox..don't think I'm ready to pack in the evening Chardonnay just yet!

Christy Jo said...

how's the cleanse going?