Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let me catch you up: Gossip Girl - Wednesday - 8pm

I'm so behind, but I think that I might have gotten in a little over my head. Who decides to make something that is as fun as watching television into some kind of a job?

Whatever, that's beside the point ... let me say that whomever isn't watching Gossip Girl is seriously missing out! I'm loving me some of this drama!!

In last wednesday's episode (Somewhere back in September .. not yesterday) we find S & D in a pretty decent little relationship, S needs to find someone that she can talk to during her time of strife and D has been in love with S since he was in diapers.

Unfortunately, C is very hurt by his encounter with D's fist after the kiss on the lips party with J, N is supposed to never speak to S again (on B's orders), and B is seriously after some of S's blood once she found out that S & N slept together.

What better way to get the drama going? Head out to the annual brunch that C's family puts together for all of the local "legacies".

Before all of this goes down however, S goes to try and make it right with B (not knowing that B found out about her slutty past). B let's her know that it's on for sure ... and NO one sleeps with B's boyfriend and gets away with it.

At the brunch N corners S and makes her meet him upstairs in C's suite, while C gives B the keys to his suite so that she can finally lose her big "V" with N. Naturally, they all meet in his suite with disaster in the cards. B runs down stairs and blurts out all of S & N's dirty laundry, and poor D takes a serious heart hit. I'm unsure if he is disappointed, or if he thought that S was little miss Perfect.

Either way, score one for B and S is back down to ZERO friends.
Well, besides her brother ... who is still in that facility for people with addiction and suicidal behavior ... you guessed it ... that's what S came back ... and no one knows ... not even D.

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