Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things going on.

I think that I'm going to have to stop reviewing television shows. It's not all that rewarding ... plus, I don't even get to blog about my self any more because I'm too busy blogging about television shows!!

I'm at my sister-in-law's elementary school at the moment, "helping" with the book fair. We've been here since 7 and it's 5:30 ... and we won't be leaving for another 2 hours. I've been freaking exhausted! So exhausted that I ended up laying in the office around three and taking a short nap, I felt like I was in Pre-school again.

Plus, it's freezing in here ... not that kind of freezing where it's bareable ... but the kind of freezing that is so uncomfortable!! Nothing seems to be giving off heat, so I had to run out to starbucks and get a hot chocolate to warm up my insides!! I also am not feeling all that well, I don't think that I slept at all last night ... I think I just "rested". It was a weird feeling.

Today is our two month anniversary being married!! It's still absolutely lovely :)

I was watching this "Who's wedding is it anyway" recap thing on the Style channel the other day ... and these people were talking about how after they got married it wasn't what they thought that it was going to be at all and that they started thinking about divorce. The guy said "I mean, I know it's something that is eventually going to be thought about ... but I didn't think that it was going to be in the first year."

Well jeez ... if you think that that is going to be something that you are going to think about at any point in time ... you probably should wait on getting married. It seems to me like you aren't really in it for the long haul!

We still haven't had any arguments, only slight disagreements on opinions which are resolved in a few seconds. It's really quite nice :)

I thoroughly suggest Marriage to everyone ... I mean, as long as you love each other like Aaron and I love each other :)

Hope everyone else is good ... maybe after all this school and crap dies down some I can get back to my fun loving blogs ... please bear with me :-/


Winnie said...

Being around all those kids when you are not used to it...very exausting!!
Now I'm am still wondering about the tiredness..and not feeling well.

Christy Jo said...

I'm so happy that you're so happy in love :)
And I love YOU

Christin said...

ahh, hey girl!
yay for a real post... i dont watch too much tv so normally i have no clue whats going on in all those tv shows... i appreciate the lovely updates on them though. :)

im shocked its been a whole month. has it flown by or what? i am so happy for you two that you are making it! love is the answer... and as long as you appreciate and respect eachother... all in love, then things will work out. yay for the one month anniversary! y'all are doing absolutely wonderful!

happy weekend, and hooray for starbucks hot chocolate. ive been very cold/chilled lately too for some reason... even sleeping in sweats but then having to rip them off in the middle of the night bc i finally got too wram... its wierd. ~~xoxo~~

Aggie said...

Happy little anniversary ... wishing you many more and very joyful ones.