Monday, September 3, 2007

A blog about a Honeymoon

Finally, a little bit of a break. Or at least, enough of one for me to actually get a post about the honeymoon in here. I've been busy with homework since I started school the day that we got back from the honeymoon!

Sunday August 12, 2007: We woke up and loaded up our stuff from our hotel and then headed to my grandpa's house to drop off the tuxes and my dress before we drove out to Galveston. While we were there we opened some gifts and chatted with my aunt, cousin, and Pawpaw for a bit. It normally takes about an hour and 20 minutes to get to the Ferry but the ferry line was VERY long and we ended up sitting in the line for an hour. It was freaking ridiculously hot and we had to sit there for the 15 minutes that it takes to get from land to Galveston in the heat because they won't let you have your car on. But after that it was basically smooth sailing! There wasn't very many lines that we had to wait in and we were on the boat and in our room by 3pm! We walked around a bit and then went to our lifejacket meeting. Afterwards, we walked around a bit more and then went to our dinner. We ended up sitting with two other Newly Weds that were our age so it was really nice to have people that had stuff in common with us at our table. After that we went to some kind of Cigar Aficionado thing which was kind of dumb since I don't even know how to smoke cigars before we hung out with one of the couple's from our table and then went to bed.

Monday, August 13, 2007: Well, I started my period on this day ... how shitty is that? I've had trouble with it the past few months and my cycle was getting up to about 47 days ... but not during the honeymoon! It was right back on a 28 day cycle ... sucks! Besides that, we went to this cocktail seminar where we payed 10 dollars for what was supposed to be 4 mixed drinks but ended up being about 12 a piece! Needless to say ... we were decently intoxicated. But being young ... some of us just didn't know when to stop. So we stopped off at the bar after the seminar and had a couple of other drinks and a shot of tequila (Patron). Well, that was the killer ... Marisa (one of the girls from our table) started puking basically like in her hand and had to run to their room ... and Aaron started not feeling too well at all. I totally held my liqueur!! But that's only because I'm awesome! So Aaron didn't make it to dinner that night ... and it was formal night that I had to attend by myself. But it was still okay because the people at our table were nice. The couple that we had went to the cocktail seminar with actually made it ... but they weren't doing so well either! I ended up just going back to the room and watching some tv while Aaron slept away his drunken yuckiness!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007: Our "THREE YEAR" Anniversary!! We also landed in Cozumel this day. Last time Aaron went, they were dropped off right by Carlos and Charlie's but this time we were dropped off in this area that JUST had shops and it was freaking sucky. We basically got raped for our money ... but I did get a pretty ring!! We both were really looking forward to Cozumel but we weren't all that happy with it afterwards. We would have had to get a taxi to go to Carlos and Charlie's and there was no way that I was going to get in a taxi in a country that I didn't speak the language. We ended up going back on the ship early and hanging out in the hot tub area for a while because there wasn't very many people on the boat. The normal stuff after that ... hanging out and going to eat and then going back to the room for bed. We would have stayed out more but the boat was REALLY rocking for some reason the first few days so we had to take some of those sickness meds which made us both really tired.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007: Today we went to Rhoatan, Honduras. We were both really weary about the place at first because we didn't know much about it, but it was definitely our favorite spot. We went to this Pirates, Parrots, and Monkey's thing which was the coolest thing EVER!! I've never got to touch a monkey, better yet have one crawl all over me ... but it was definitely a VERY cool experience!! We also got a tour of the place and it was absolutely beautiful! I would like to go back there for a week ... it was totally worth it. We didn't really shop or anything in Rhoatan because we were still feeling the holes in our pockets from Cozumel. We came back to the boat and took a nap because we had walked around in the sun a lot that day and it was going to be a yummy dinner that night so we wanted to be rested!! We went to one of the shows that night ... but it was kind of corny ... and then we went to dinner. The boat was still rocking pretty rough (I'm guessing because of the tropical storm that was in front of us) so we just went back to the room and passed out.

Thursday, August 16, 2007: We were supposed to stop is Costa Maya but when we got there the water was so choppy that the captain didn't think it safe to dock. He said that the boat could have bumped into the dock and all of that ... and no one wants to be stranded!! So we ended up having another cruise day. It was pretty cool because they were finally able to slow the boat down enough for it to stop rocking so badly. We were really able to enjoy ourselves this day! We went and did some trivia games and played bingo. The food was once again awesome ... I'm pretty sure that I gained some serious weight while I was on the trip ... but I refuse to look at my scale to find out!!

Friday, August 17, 2007: We docked in Progresso which was my next favorite place! We got a free shuttle from the boat to the beach and were able to just chill out on the beach for the day! It was lovely!! The water was gorgeous and we had a little table and everything. The only thing that sucked about it was all of the people that kept coming up and trying to sell stuff. It was crazy ... like they even had BABIES (like 2-3) trying to sell stuff. We also went shopping here for souvenirs and hung out basically all day in Progresso. (We were docked for nearly 12 hours since we didn't get to stop in Costa Maya the day before) That night after dinner we walked around and I did Kamikaze Karaoke which was really cool. You didn't get to pick your song you just had to hope that you knew it. I like to think that I did pretty well :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007: It was another cruise day ... but I just sat in the room all day. I played DS for a while and then I went to sleep for a bit. I wanted to get a lot of rest before I started school on Monday!! Aaron sat out by the pool all day, when he came back we got ready for dinner and then packed up all of our clothes. After dinner that night we watched Shrek 3 in our room and then went to sleep because we had to wake up really early on Sunday so that we could do early departure.

Sunday, August 19, 2007: We were off the boat by 8am and on the road. We stopped by Loren (Aaron's sister's house) to pick up some of our stuff and then we went the rest of the way home and started hauling stuff up the three flights of stairs. Then my grandpa showed up a bit later with more of our gifts and all of that ... so more going up and down the stairs!! We unpacked our stuff and washed clothes ... then I got all of my stuff ready for school to start and tried to watch the shows that I needed to watch on our DVR. I didn't got to bed that night until like 2:30 or something ... I guess just because I was really excited about school the next day or something ... because I should have been freaking exhausted!!

So there you go guys ... not very exciting really ... but Aaron and I definitely enjoyed ourselves! We are also enjoying ourselves ever since!! Things have been going perfect ... no arguments or anything like that! We've been pretty freaking busy though ... trying to take things back and going different places on the weekend, etc etc. Plus with all the homework that I have ... yeah!! So, I'm sorry that I have not posted in a while ... but I'll try my hardest to get back in the groove!!

Stay tuned for my Halloween Review!!!


Christy Jo said...

Glad you're enjoying your new marriage and your new semester of school! Sounds like you had a very relaxing time on your honeymoon. Honey!

Amanda Leigh said...

ooh.. I want to Kamikaze Karaoke!

I'm glad yall had a good time on the cruise. Sorry we didn't get to hang out this weekend. I still miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty good sort of a honeymoon ... if a bit busy afterwards. Hope the business tails off abit and you get to absorb all you saw and did. Good luck with new semester.

Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

I’m SO glad you guys had such a great time!

It sucks having to come down off cloud 9 and back to reality though huh?

But I am SO happy for you and Aaron.

It’s so exciting me, you and meg are all getting married at the same time … we can all relate … and besides … it’s just amazing!
Meg and I were talking and when it’s time to have babies there will be a big massive text sent out to everyone informing them that it’s time … like right then! LOL … so we can all have babies at the same time too!


By the way … I FN MISS YOU! …

Chris said...

Fun! I love to go on cruises. Nice monkey!