Sunday, September 23, 2007

Family Guy - Sunday - FOX

Apparently I got my dates wrong ... Family Guy was going to be starting on the CW or some crap like that two Sunday's ago. But I'm guessing that this new Star Wars episode was the season premiere of the new Family Guy ... and it's back with some definite humor and satire.

At the opening of the show, the family is all sitting around watching television when the lights go out. This causes Peter to tell them a story ... all about Star Wars. They started with episode IV - A New Hope ... and I can only figure that they will continue to do these Star War episodes ... if not through out this season ... somewhere down the line at least.

I have to say I really enjoyed this retelling of Star Wars ... they got the main parts of the story told in an hour show, making fun of the scenes that seemed to be way to dramatic for my taste in the original. If you missed this episode, I strongly suggest finding some way to watch it!

They even made fun of the fact that they did a Star Wars episode after Robot Chicken did one. (Which was also really funny ... but with less of a story line)

I'm assuming that everyone seems to be doing these Star War spoofs because of the 30thLotR and Star Wars!! (WOOHOO FOR HP)

This review isn't as good as the others ... because it's kind of hard for me to review a cartoon ... ;-/ Plus, after my weekend with the "Ya Ya's" ... I'm pretty damn tired.

I also need to rest up for Premier week!! I have three tests this week ... AND all these new shows ... AND my birthday! I'm going to be crazy busy!!

Have a good week everyone ... keep checking back :)
anniversary of the movies being this year ... so hopefully thirty years from now we'll be seeing Harry Potter spoofs ... especially since the Harry Potter phenomenon just surpassed

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Amanda Leigh said...

I am not a Family Guy fan, but I am ready for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER! TONIGHT!!! YAY YAY YAY!