Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A perfect size What??

Remember these Sweet Valley books from our youth? I can remember the library having every single one of them and me being able to read them all in succession. I think that I might have enjoyed the college years better ... but whatever.

Anyway, these were first published in 1983 and are now being re-vamped.

Notice anything different about the covers?

Instead of newspapers, there will now be cellphones and blogs.

And those skinny little twins have gone on a diet. From an original "perfect size 6" to a now "perfect size 4."

Maybe this is just vanity sizes and they actually still mean a perfect size 6. Granted, I haven't ever found a vanity pair of jeans ... maybe that's because I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on them. Who knows. All I do know is that I still go in and come out just as disappointed.

Some people are saying that actually a perfect size 6 from way back then would probably be more of a 1-2 by now. So does this mean that the twins have gained weight? No way. Not these perfect specimens of blonde goddess beauty.

Are they going to remake these again in another 20-30 years or so? I guess then they will have to re-invent the twins again. "Perfect size -2 anyone?"


Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

I surely hope not!

I think it’s terrible there is a “perfect size” label on it in general.

It’s just sad.
Joey has nieces who are already into this kind of stuff.

A good self image is one thing.
Causing anorexia in young children is another!

Its just sad that no matter how far we progress in everything else – the “perfect woman” will always be a tall long haired blond who’s a size 6 (or 4!) with blue eyes.

Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...
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Clare said...

No, being blond sucks. I know I'm off-topic. But I don't get treated as a real person. When I tell people I'm getting my degree in math, they either look at my hair or they look me up and down as if to say, "YOU'RE majoring in math? Unbelievable!"

So, the "perfect" woman is probably a brunette since she is most likely to have brains of any kind.

Chris said...

I confess. I missed out on these books.

sometrouble said...

My grandmother told me that when she was younger, size 12 was the "perfect size." Department store mannequins wore that size (now they usually have a 6 on). She told me she ordered her wedding dress that size and it fit her without any alterations needed. I tried on that dress when I was a size 6 or 8, and it fit me. So fifty years from now size 0 will fit today's size 8 women...and what about the smaller ones?