Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What Irks Me

Top 10 things that really annoy me:

1) When people don't use their blinkers as they weave in and out of traffic. I can be in the best of moods and then I see someone not use their blinker ... and it makes me want to ram my car into the back of theirs.

2) I hate parents that talk about their children when no one else cares. I know one of these parents for sure ... and I love her, she's great ... and I'm good friends with her daughter ... but I don't effing care!! I have my own life!! I know that it's not as good as your daughters life but shut the hell up!

3) I hate the cable company that we use. It used to be time warner ... but now it's Comcast in Houston. They are deceiving and manipulating ... and it's all because they know that I love their Internet so much that I'm not going to change my service! DAMN THE MAN.

4) I hate children that are rude and obnoxious to their parents. Yesterday, while we were waiting in line ... at Comcast ... a kid came in, hit his sister over the head and the proceeded to scream at his mom to "MOVE YOU ARE IN THE WAY OF THE CARTOONS." Seriously ... I wanted to slap him in the face.

5) I hate parents that don't discipline their children when they need to. There is no way in hell that my children are going to get away with talking to me like that kid did. Or, they might talk to me like that once ... and then forever realize that it's not a good idea to do that.

6) I hate people that have thin and straight hair. It must be so easy to fix!! No wasting an hour blow drying your thick hair and then having to run a straightener through it! Oh no, they just get to get out of the shower ... and immediately have straight hair. Bitches.

7) I hate people that have small boobs and complain about them. SHUT UP. You have no idea what it's like to have REAL boobs that are large. None at all! You don't realize that we don't get to wear the cute shirts or dresses that all of you small chested people do because if we do ... we get the wrong kind of attention! Plus, if you have small boobs ... you don't have to listen to other people that have small boobs wish that their boobs were as big as yours.

8) I hate girls that go out to the club with short skirts on. Seriously???? All that does is make guys think that all girls are like that ... slutty and easy. And what makes it even worse is that the girls with the short skirts are usually the girls that jump on the bar top, or table top, or stage and dance with their ass and vah-jay-jay hanging all out. Gross.

9) I hate going to the store by myself. I need company ... I feel lonely when I go alone. I like to be able to talk with the person that I'm going with so that it passes the time ... because who likes to freaking go shopping for groceries anyway? Not me.

10) And finally, I hate living on the third floor! For one thing ... we don't have a balcony. Plus, once we get groceries it's a freaking workout just to carry everything upstairs. In fact, I've had to stop getting bottled water because I just don't want to have to carry it up three flights of stairs and risk my life! I can't wait to move into another apartment that is lower to the ground ... and closer to school. Ugh.


Christy Jo said...

No!! Don't buy bottled water no matter what floor you're on if you're not recycling!! Just buy a water purifier to go on your tap or in your fridge. It's the exact same in most cases. Get a thermos for to-go.

This is a great list! Most of it is stuff that makes me mad too. ::think happy thoughts::

Jules said...

Girl I totally hear you on the hair thing! Esp with all the EFFING rain this summer, it doesn't even matter that I spent and hour+ blow drying and straightening, because the damn humiding ruins it and it looks just as bad as if I hadn't wasted all my time fixing it. It's def been pony-tail and headband summer!

Anonymous said...
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Amanda Leigh said...

I hate it when people don't use blinkers too! I don't understand these people who let their kids act like total monsters. I'm jealous of these straigt haired people too. I'm so w/ you on the grocery store thing. It's bad enough having to go, but going alone is so much worse. Oh yeah, third floor blows!

Chris said...

I hate girls that go out to the club with short skirts on.

I hate that, too!

Seriously???? All that does is make guys think that all girls are like that ... slutty and easy.

And then we get married and find out the truth!