Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Squabble, Fight, Bicker

After an amazing wedding shower where I was literally "showered" (I'm guessing that is what the whole term means ...) with gifts, not only did Aaron and I receive a lot of things for the kitchen, but we also received "Scene It Squabble." A game that I have literally been dying to play for a while now.
Battles of the Sexes are always fun ... especially since I am basically a guy or something. No really ... I knew more of the guy questions than the girl questions when we played tonight ... but that's besides the point. -Read below ... for "The Point"-

I was thoroughly disappointed in the "bicker" cards that Aaron and I used while we were playing tonight.
You see ... the game has these cards. Depending on what section that the dice lands on it is very possible that you will have to pull a bicker card. On these cards are instances that apparently occur in relationships (???) and then the outcome for the male or female player. One that we got tonight read this:

While in a fit of passion, your girlfriend calls out another guy's name

Female: Move back one space for making the mistake, and another for getting mad because your man didn't care.
Male: Move forward two spaces ... because who cares, you are still getting action.

Now, normally I'm not usually bothered by crude comments, etc etc. But this kind of pissed me off. I mean honestly ... if the guy isn't going to be upset about the girl calling out another person's name ... this must not be a very serious relationship. I can guarantee that Aaron would be pretty upset about it if I did it to him!!

Or how about this one:

Your man comes home with flowers and candy "just because"

Woman: Move back two spaces because you immediately think that it's because he did something stupid.
Men: Move back two spaces because the truth is ... you did.

Um. Seriously? First off: Women ... if your man comes home with flowers and candy just because ... be grateful that you have a man that is spontaneous and romantic. Why would you immediately think that there was something wrong? If that is what you think then you have some serious relationship/esteem issues that need to be worked out before you get into another committed relationship. Second: What the hell "Game" there are guys out there that DO do amazing things for their women ... including randomly bringing home flowers, sending them flowers at work, bringing home some candy or whatever.

Why is today's society ... and today's board games so cynical?

Now, don't get me wrong ... the game is fun and all ... but seriously some horrible people with rotten relationships must write the cards. It's kind of depressing.


Christy Jo said...

Ha! Reminds me of that commercial, where the cell phone breaks up. But anyway the guy sent the girl flowers at work. And she calls her friend and says that everyone at the office is joking that he must have done something really bad. Then. Silence. Hahhahaha.

Chris said...

These only bother you because you have not been married yet. :)