Friday, July 27, 2007

Rain Rain Go AWAY.

Okay, so for those of you in Texas ... I think I speak for everyone when I say ... EFFING STOP RAINING. JEEZ.

It rains EVERY SINGLE DAY ... seriously. And tonight, I had to drive back home in it ... and that makes me angry. But you know what makes me even MORE angry ... People like that fucker over there in the Hummer splashing water all over the place. Yeah, that one.

Aaron and I have already came to the conclusion that people that drive Trucks & HUGE sports utilities like a hummer are assholes. I know this. Aaron knows this. But it's not like I can pick who I ride next to when I'm driving to save my life at 10pm on a Friday night on a busy highway with water on the road.

My little bitty Honda can only take so much people! Not only did some asshole drive past going 40 (instead of the 25 that everyone else was politely going as the rain torrentially beat down on us) but they also splashed all kinds of water all over my car and I couldn't see a THING!

Then, I ended up (somehow ...) between an 18 wheeler (which after my accident back in February I'm deathly afraid of) and another asshole in some kind of large vehicle that I couldn't tell you about now since all *I* could see was the water that both of them were splashing all over my car. And I know ... some of that wasn't their fault ... but pulling up where they are RIGHT in front of me and then staying there .... yeah, that IS their fault.

Thankfully, I made it home safely ... and it was even only drizzling a bit when I got home so that I didn't have to walk in the horrible rains and all that stuff.

Anyway ... in Wedding news (with nearly 14 more days until THE day) I got some shoes for my rehearsal dinner dress, the makeup (eyeshadow and mascara) for wedding makeup, AND a Harry Potter coloring book. That wasn't for the wedding ... but it made me VERY cheerful!


Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

#1 - boo to assholes who drive fast in the rain!

#2 - YAY! for it almost being wedding time ... I'm getting SO excited

#3 - i NEED a harry potter coloring book!!! i want one sooo bad now. you make me jealous

lauren b. said...

I hear ya! I also drive a little bitty Honda, and I'm not a huge fan of any kind of SUV (especially in the rain). Snow sucks too -- front wheel drive, no anti-lock brakes -- and those huge 4-wheel drive SUVs just plow right past you like they're invincible.

(And not only do we have the English major and Honda in common... I also lived in TX for a couple years.)

Amanda Leigh said...

ooh.. I hate bad drivers in the rain. I am a firm believer that guys who need to drive those big ole trucks and Hummers and SUVs and crap have small penises.

I checked the weather earlier and it looks like a week of sun. So hip hip hooray!

*Christina is gonna move in w/ me soon. It's gonna be so fun!
I'm pumped about the SATC movie, but Kim Cattrell is such a bitch..

Chris said...

The worst thing about Texas weather is that it is hot and dry in the summer and this year we got something different. I thought it was the best July ever!