Friday, July 20, 2007

Cracked Plates & Broken Dreams

How very unfortunate! For our bridal shower, Aaron's sister bought us a great set of really nice plates. The were a cream/gold/honey color, with a crackled design and a black finish on the bottom. Very cute! Using some of the credit that we received from bringing back "doubles" we went online and ordered the Turquoise set as well. So that we would have two colors that compliment each other and we were fulfilling a compromise. Well, after ordering the plates ... I was reading the reviews online about them and they were basically horrible. Alot of talk about how the black had chipped off ... and a few uses in the dishwasher caused the color to fade to nearly white. So Aaron and I decided that we would just wash them by hand.

Well, today ... while I was sleeping (because I was preparing myself for the Harry Potter festivities tonight) Aaron was hand washing some of the plates. One of our Salad plates broke! It has a chip in it and it's cracked!! How very upsetting, right?

So, I called Target up and told them all about it. I figured that I might have to get a little pushy because I had heard that Target wasn't very friendly when you tried to return things. But it was no big deal. The lady on the phone told me that I just needed to return them to the store and if the store gave me any problems tell them to call the customer service number and they would work it all out for us.

But, now ... we don't have any plates anymore! Aaron's sister says that we should go and check out Dillard's or Macy's for plates and we can just tell Aaron's grandfather about them and he will probably get us all the place settings that we need. He gave Loren and Shaw all of their fine China and we didn't register for any fine China because there is no way that we are ever going to use it.

I'm glad that we didn't immediately go and bring all of our old plates to Good Will! Otherwise we wouldn't have anything to eat on anymore. And that my friends ... would suck.

Rachel 1 Target 0


Christy Jo said...

Sorry your plates didn't turn out to be all you'd dreamed! I remember they looked really cool. Oh well, now you'll get some really good ones. BETTER ones!

Anonymous said...

Get really good ones, because they will last you all through the years. They will trigger little reminders of your life every time you use them.

fukuto.jones said...

After being married for over 5 years now, I have only 1 word to share with you regarding dishes: paper!