Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here's looking at you

Here's a question for all you guys out there. Why ... do you think that it's okay to stare, wave, cat call, or make comments towards girls that make them feel slimy all over?

It seems like when a guy looks at a girl with "that look" he's thinking to himself, "Oh yeah ... saving that for the spank bank tonight." Which makes me want to cringe all over again just thinking about earlier today.

I was minding my own business making my way into Half Priced Books, Aaron went off to the comic book store next door, and as I was walking into the store a man and his children were walking out. He held open the door for me, gave me "that look" and then said "Oh yeah, I'm liking THAT!" I didn't turn around and smack the shit out of him which is what I should have done, because I didn't think that his children ought to see their father get beat up by a girl.

Then, once we got into the car, we were next to a van with a whole bunch of guys in it and the guy in the passenger seat blatantly waved and smiled at me with "that look!" This time Aaron was IN the car with me and they still did it. I just don't get it.

Poor Aaron was like, "Man, I hate that I can't do anything about it ... and it pisses me off because I think that some of these guys do it in front of me because they KNOW that I can't do anything about it." Aaron's a lover ... not a fighter, you see.

I just don't understand. Oh, and it's never "good looking" guys .. it's always the creepy, middle-to-old-aged, fat guys ... you know the kind ... the ones that make you want to gouge out your eyeballs just looking at them. Yeah, those. They are usually decently scraggly, with probably a bit of their lunch still on their shirt, and sweat marks of some kind on their attire.

Maybe they have just given up! They figure, "If I do this long enough ... maybe someone will actually turn around and be like ... Oh yeah? Really ... awesome ... let's get it on." And if that's the case ... more power to you creepy weird guy ... but leave me OUT of it!


Christy Jo said...

I sympathize. When I'm with Alicia and see a hot old guy, I do the eye thing and say "Hey, Daddy." ;) But it's always a joke, and never to their face! :)

KellerandCheese said...

Well well well, I stumble upon your blog (thanks to Christy). This blog is crazy because I just put a blog up describing a project manager at my work who is the very definition of these guys your describe (except he looks more like a worm). But yea I hate those kind of guys. Its terrible. I don't understand why they do it. Anyways, that really sucks for you. Also, sorry for not being able to make if too your wedding. I going to miss out for sure. =/

Aggie said...

It's because they don't get any ...'cos their creeps and therefore have to pretend! They live in www.haven'taprayer.com usually.

Chris said...

You must have been wearing something very nice.

it's always the creepy, middle-to-old-aged, fat guys

Oh crap. That sounds like me!

To make this discussion more interesting, would it make a difference if he looked like Brad Pitt?

P.S. Aaron needs to learn karate!