Friday, January 2, 2009

Date night gone sour by lack of respect

Aaron and I started the night with a wonderful dinner at good Ol "Texas Road House." We were seriously craving some steak ... and steak fries :)

After dinner we wanted to go and see Marley and Me. Originally, we were going to go to the Lowes theatre which usually means that we are going to get some crappy seats but have the theatre mostly to ourselves. On our way out, Aaron asked if we could go to a better theatre since we were only seeing one movie.

I looked at the times and Marley and Me was going to be playing at the Tinseltown in front of the mall at 8:45. The Market Street theatre was only playing movies that were being mentioned for awards, so Marley and Me wasn't an option.

Well, we ended up getting finished with dinner at 6:45 so we ended up going to Lowes after all. The theatre was mostly empty. We had to move over a seat because mine was literally half a seat but it wasn't that big of a deal.

Right before the movie began, a group of teenagers came in and sat RIGHT in front of us. To which I said: "Wow, really? Out of the entire theatre ... you guys chose to sit DIRECTLY in front of us?" So ... they kind of moved down just a bit :) And they were mostly quiet ... so it was OK.

But about 15 minutes before the end of the movie, a group of teens came in from another movie and proceeded to talk the entire time! I was disgusted!! I wanted so bad to just throw my liter water bottle at them.

And it made me start thinking ... I was quiet when I was a movie goer as a teen. I said "please" and "thank you" when I was younger (and now) and I always made sure to open doors for people. It just seems that people do not do that these days. Does that mean that the parents aren't teaching their kids manners anymore?

Aaron says that it is because teenagers are just selfish and they do not think of other people. But I don't think it's a selfish thing ... I think it's the way that they are brought up ... and it's sad.


Savannah said...

oh my goodness...that is my biggest pet peeve! Greg and I have yelled at people a couple of times in the theaters because we can't stand it!! And yes, it is sad...especially when these 15 year olds have cell phones and feel the need to call all their friends in the middle of the movie!

oh man, that irks me...can you tell? haha

Steph said...

my biggest pet peeve as well. I feel like I'm totally out of sync with teenagers today, and I'm only 21!!! I especially hate when people feel the need to check/answer their cell phones during a film. Ugh! No wonder people illegally download films, the theatre experience is usually major turnoff!

Savannah said...

hey, this orientation it all day Monday? Where did you get all this info? I'm a little confused :-(

Oh, and to get to the place with all the cute blog backgrounds, go to the top of my blog and in the top left corner is the link!

Steph said...

Your studying to be a teacher? That's so cool, so am I! I'm only in my second year so I won't be doing my placements anytime soon, but good luck with your student teacher semester :)

xoxo Steph