Friday, January 9, 2009

Letters continued ...

Dearest MawMaw,

I know that you are living it up right now with your best friends in Heaven, but we miss you down here. I think out of all of the deaths that I have experienced … yours was the easiest. Only because I know that you were really sick, that you were sick of BEING sick, and that you were ready. PawPaw is doing well, he hunts all the time and fishes any chance that he gets. I know that he really likes to do those things and he is able to now. However, sometimes when I walk past his bedroom he is sitting down on you guy’s bed and he has all of your jewelry spread out so that he can touch your wedding rings. I always go in there and let him tell me all of the stories that come with your jewelry, even if I’ve heard them before … it’s nice to let him talk about how much he loves you.

I love you MawMaw, and I wish that I could tell you this in person. I know that you know … but I struggled for a while with this after your death because I was so so so mad at you when I left a few days before you died. I should have learned my lesson then … to treasure all of the time that you have with your loved ones. But then a few years later it happened again with Mom.

Your death was a struggle with our family. It was one of the first times that I saw my Aunt’s true side. But, we won’t get into that. You saw. Anyway, I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you again. Kiss my mom for me …

Love you,
Your little girl

September 22, 2002

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