Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh the joys of apartment living

When God made cute little apartments with the stairs on the inside and a wonderful lake with a gazebo to sit at while I let the dogs run and play ... did he mean to place us above habitual party-ers?

When God made decent rent which doesn't include anything but is still relatively cheap for this area ... did he mean to have me live next to people that are still popping fireworks on the 9th of January?

When God made a cute little one bedroom with a study and a pretty large kitchen and bathroom for my husband and I to spend most of our two years of marriage ... did he mean to also place inconsiderate tenants that play their music extremely loud in their vehicles at 10:23 pm?

When God made me, in which he broke the mold, because I am the epitome of perfect in every sense of the word (har har) ... did he mean to make my patience the size of a roll-y poll-y for such miscreants?

When God made my husband, in which he broke the mold, because he is the epitome of perfect in every sense of the word (no, seriously) ... did he mean to make him so easy going that this whole apartment living thing doesn't bother him as much as me?

I asked ... and God told me ...

"Buy a House."

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Clare said...

This is written very creatively! Guys are just like that. I don't know how they can be so laid back. I'm excited that you are getting ready to buy a house! We are too, but the auction keeps getting put off and I'm very sad. Yeah, we're cheap. Buying a foreclosure, lol. Well good luck! It's very exciting!