Friday, January 16, 2009

My first day of student teaching ... hilarity ensues ...

Disclaimer: The following post will involve spoilers of the literary classic Of Mice and Men. If you have not read it or seen the movie ... skip over the *******'d parts.

I started student teaching on Monday. I'll graduate in May and I'll officially be a real live English teacher!

However, I've never read John Steinbeck's classic Of Mice and Men (As of Monday.)

Aaron has been after me to read it for a while now and refused to tell me the ending.

So, I get into class and I'm good for the first two periods because it's Pre-AP and they aren't doing the same curriculum as the regular classes. But here comes third period.

Not only are they watching Of Mice and Men but it's at the END of the movie.

I'm not really paying much attention because I'm talking with my teacher and I'm trying to learn the ropes and what have you and I just happened to look over just as *********George kills Lennie******** the end of the movie happens. I audibly gasp and BURST INTO TEARS.

That's right. I start crying in the middle of a class of tenth graders that I had just barely met. So they are start saying "Um, Ms. H .... your new teacher is crying ...." "What's the matter new teacher ... don't cry ..."

Alright. So here comes fourth period. It's like a train wreck! I have to watch it more to find out exactly what happened. Which makes it even WORSE.

************I started crying just as I realize that the reason that George is going to have to kill Lennie is so that the other people don't end up lynching him for accidentally killing Curley's Wife. (Just thinking about how scared Lennie would be if those boys would have caught him makes me literally sick to my stomach)*****************

So, now I'm REALLY crying! Once again the kids freak out ... my teacher is like "Oh no, I'm so sorry! I can't believe that I didn't warn you the first time we watched it!"

So, yeah ... I boo-hoo cried in front of my students on my first day of student teaching. Nice.

By the way ... this story is probably much funnier when I tell it in person. Aaron maintains that it's the best story that I've told in a while!!

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Clare said...

I'm so sorry you had to cry! This is a funny story though, haha. I hate to laugh at you about it, because it really is no fun starting off on the wrong foot. But I'm sure the kids will be forgiving and forgetful, and you definitely weren't crying over something stupid, so I think you will be ok! I love how tender-hearted you are! lol