Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I just found out about the amazing website that is Etsy and went a LITTLE crazy with my buying.

Not only did I buy a few things NOT Harry Potter ... but I bought a lot of stuff that relates TO Harry Potter!!!

Such as:

My Harry Potter Charm Bracelet ...

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My Golden (but Silver) Snitch Necklace ...

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and FINALLY ... My Harry Potter PURSE!!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And the wallet ...

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Thanks ETSY! I love you!


Public Artist said...

me too!

Melissa said...

I love your really unique purchases, although *hiding face* I've never read a Harry potter book or seen any of the movies! I've never read any of the Stephenie Meyers stuff either. I know, I'm a freak!

All about the forensics said...

Damn it you've got me SOOOO jealous of all your such KICK ASS stuff!!!! I'm going to have to look around on there and make a birthday list cuz wow!!!! Your purse almost makes me want to gut all my harry potter books and make stuff!

I think if we can both tag team L we can get her over here!! I feel you on the xanga. Its like I feel obligated to post and I feel obligate to post interesting things instead of how I feel or what's really going on.