Friday, January 23, 2009

Very Funny Friday

Alright, so this is my first time to do one of these things that they call a ... Carnival? I guess that makes me a Carnie. Nice ... something that I've always aspired to ...

Anyway ... it's crazy early in the morning. I'm sitting here in jeans and the tank top that I went to bed in. My hair wasn't blow dried last night which makes it all over my freaking head so I'm waiting for the straightener to load up.

I have clothes on the floor ... my teeth aren't brushed yet ... (WHAT?! I just finished eating some cereal!) ... and I really need to get my butt in gear if I'm going to leave my house at a reasonable time. (6:30)

And yet ... I love my blog SO MUCH ... that I'm going to try this whole thing and see if I can get some readers to love it too!

Unfortunately ... as it's so early in the morning ... I don't have anything "very funny" to post. That's new ...

So, I'm going to post my favorite post that I've ever had ... I'm sure that you haven't read it yet ... so you should enjoy it.

This was written back in 2005 ...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Are you a cheater?

Fess up now. RIGHT NOW! Have you ever cheated?

Don't start giving me...well I was drunk....and...stuff...just...

No I mean have you ever cheated in school!?

A thought occurred to me as I was walking to a class all alone yesterday (I have to occasionally talk to myself just so I'm not lonely :) ) I've been in College for two years now and I have never ONCE cheated. Not once. Not even on homework (which could probably be because I don't know anyone in my classes well enough to be like.."You...right one...give up the homework!")

Have any of YOU cheated in college?

Lemme just tell you that I was an AVID cheater in Highschool...dude I cheated on EVERYTHING! Especially after my freshman year when a friend of mine and I were falsely accused of cheating on some homework. So I figure...eff it....if I'm gonna get blamed for it I mine as well start doing it yah think?

I had the cheating DOWN!

Ways to Cheat 101:

1) Have someone in the class ahead of you write down the answers to the scantron on a small slip of paper and slip it to you between classes.

2) Roll up a sheet of paper with the answers on it and stick it inside your pen. Then sit in the back of the room and undo your pen after the "cheater check" was complete.

3) Wear long sleeves and write the answers on your arms and your palm and then sit in the back of the class and enjoy making an A.

4) **Added by This beautiful lady** Make a bracelet with the answers on it and during the "Cheater Check" just turn the bracelet inside out! (BRILLIANCE I tell you)

5) And my personal favorite..(which I shall demonstrate..)


One skirt (Make sure it's regulation length because if you get busted by the dress code police, it is NOT my fault dude.)

One clean thigh (Must be clean btw) Hm Depending on how big the test is you might need TWO thighs.

One felt tip marker. Don't get one that's gonna smear or smudge. Because if your gonna go through with this there might be alittle sweating/glistening/glittering/perspiring (whatever it is you wanna call it) involved.

Now, if you havn't already guessed what your going to do lemme break it down for you. You make yourself alittle cheat sheet on your thigh(s) and then wear a skirt to school that day. The desk totally covers your legs You can just lift up your skirt and get the answers that you don't already have memorized!

BTW: It is NOT my fault if you get busted doing this...obviously your just not slick enough and will have to continue practicing young grasshopper!

BOYS/GUYS/MEN: Unfortunantly I don't think this form of cheating will work with you but I did give you three other options to try out!

So for those of you in Highschool...there yah go.

And for those of you in College or out of College .... Did you cheat in college?

PSH Because *I* damn sure won't! To afraid something horrible will happen!!

Don't "Cheat" yourself out of a great FRIDAY!!

Have fun this weekend!! <3<3<3

See ... wasn't that hilarious? I think so. Especially since I'm an English Teacher now ... giving instructions (with pictures) on how to cheat in my classroom. Nice.

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jennifer said...

VERY funny except that at my age the answers would be squished between two old fat thighs and THAT would be gross trying to obtain the answers.

I just so glad to NEVER be going to school again I could just cry.

amelia said...

On the TV show "Privileged," two rich girls made a custom purse with the test answers - pretty elaborate.

Anonymous said...

I always thought cheating sounded like way too much work -- and you've confirmed my suspicion.

mormonmommyblogs said...

You were one of the winners on the MMB giveaway. Come on over to claim your prize.

~motherboard, mmb

Amber said...

You're naughty. But funny!!! I cheated my butt of in my geometry class in high school. Oh, and I cheat every time I play Phase 10.

All about the forensics said...

We had tables in honors english (i know, honors students cheating gasp!) so one person would put their vocab sheet on the floor and copy it and then we'd just look off the paper next to us. then we did peer grading so my friend and I would fill in the right answers for each other. and for math, another friend and I would skip on the day of the test and when we re took it, the teacher always left so we'd just get the smartest person's test and copy off of that. hehe!

Bev said...

In Chemistry 121 our tests were multiple choice. I had a friend in a sorority that had all the tests in a file. We could use periodic tables so if the answer was A we placed a dot in the upper left corner B in the upper right C and d in the lower corners. It worked well, but I felt guilty and just before the final i fessed up to the shocked teacher. he wasn't shocked about the cheating but the fessing up w/o being caught. Anyway he gave me a WP and made me take the class again I am proud to say I got an A-.

rachel said...

Way funny! Our house rules when we play games is the cheating has to be obvious. If your not blatantly cheating, don't even bother :) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!