Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Called an Honor Society for a REASON

I'm in my student teaching semester, right? Which I guess doesn't quite qualify me to be "Little Miss English Teacher" until May ... but my old blog name blatantly spelled out my name and I didn't want any snot-nosed kids trying to find my blog and "ruin me." Or something or another.

Anyway, my mentor teacher is the NHS sponsor for the school. A couple of weeks ago, two girls that are senior members of NHS were caught cheating. In fact, they were caught cheating by the president of NHS. *STUPID!*

So, they were sent down to the AP's office, they immediately burst into tears and confessed.

The Honor Society has to have a formal meeting to kick out students and they really had all that they needed ... the students confessed to cheating ... it was a done deal! Or not.

Apparently, one of the parents claims that they were not given sufficient time to attend the formal meeting to dismiss an honor student from the program. They also claim that the student was interrogated for an hour and a half and that her words were misconstrued and that she didn't confess to anything. The parent also claims that when the student went to attend the meeting, the sponsor told her that it wasn't going to matter either way and she just mine as well not waste her time because they were going to kick her out either way.

Great job, "honor student." How about we add LIAR to your ever growing resume of unethical qualities.

So, I can't wait to find out how things go. It's not really going to matter one way or another. They have the proof. They have a confession. Cut and dry!

I tell you what though ... the parents at the school that I teach at are crazy about NHS. There is another parent that continually emails the sponsor and counselor for NHS because her daughter has a 3.95 GPA but requires a 4.0 to be in NHS. The parent can't understand why her daughter can't be admitted. "Well, Lady ... if the bylaws say 4.0 ... it's a 4.0 not a 3.95." If the other 150 students that just got inducted can maintain a 4.0 ... she'll have to do the same ...

It's called an Honor Society for a REASON, people!


Anonymous said...

The phrase is "might as well" not "mine as well". Sorry, but as a fellow English teacher, I thought you would want to know.I really enjoy your blog.

All about the forensics said...

I think I can understand why kids cheat. Pressure, wanting a break, it being so hard to keep a 4.0 but once you are caught, pretty much red handed, do the graceful and classy thing, admit you made a mistake and move on. Dont get your parents to complain like a bulldog lawyer because YOU made a mistake. Or...get better at cheating =P

Little Miss English Teacher said...

Thanks so much for enjoying my blog and for the grammar lesson. Grammar is a weak point with me ... :)

Melissa said...

I think the kid needs to get an attorney, appeal the school's decision to the superintendent, then the school board, and then into the court system. Hold it up for years and years, until she graduates, and then the point will be moot!

Can you tell I'm an attorney?

Bogart in P Towne said...

Sounds like little personal responsibility is being taught at home, so why should it be expected of the student?

I think you are going to find that no matter where you end up teaching, the parents will be one of the most difficult aspects of teaching.