Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why "Oldies" should get their license taken away.

What!? Rachel actually has a post worth mentioning? Wow!

So, the other day ... I was trying to park my vehicle at Sam Houston. Unfortunately, the parking at Sam is horrendous. Seriously ... I live 47 miles away from the school ... but I have to leave my house an hour and a half before my class just to insure my ability to find a decent parking spot.

So, I was driving around the parking lot for a spot and there was this old dinosaur lady in a huge boat of a vehicle that was trying to park as well. Except that she wouldn't turn onto a turn unless no one else was on that strip ... and she was in the middle of the lane so no one was able to turn down the street that she was on. But instead of trying to move over a little bit ... she was just trying to wave people by. HELLO WOMAN ... NO ONE CAN GET BY BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID BOAT OF A VEHICLE.

Whatever, I moved down to the next lane and went down that and ended up finding a good spot.

But the plot thickens.

Last week, while I was leaving school to go back home ... I went to pull out of the parking lot and low and behold who is trying to pull INTO the parking lot? THE DINOSAUR! I was on respected side of the road, with plenty of room for someone to pull into the parking lot ... however, she refused to move and continued trying to wave me by here. HELLO!!! THERE ARE CARS COMING ... I CAN'T JUST MOVE MY CAR INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!!!

So, she refuses to go ... I can't go ... then a line of cars starts piling up behind her ... and I can't see who is coming in the other line towards me ... I pull out slightly after I realize that she's not moving ... and the cars on the other side of the street had a light. But a woman in a van almost hit me ... I couldn't see her as I was pulling out because of the Dinosaur's big boat of a vehicle.

AND WHAT HAPPPENS?!??! The lady in the van gives me this huge "stupid college kids can't drive" look ... and I seriously wanted to put my car in park and get out and slam my hand down on the stupid dinosaurs car.

Next time I see her, I'm getting her license plate and calling the police. If she can't drive correctly ... she shouldn't be on the road. That could have very well caused me to get into a bad wreck ...


Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

ha ha ha ... hilarious!

But this story was much better seeing you tell it in person … everyone else missed out on it … promise

You should take her picture and then post it on the internet … you could even start a whole website about it and let other people who run into her post comments and things … LOL

Amanda Leigh said...

I love Amanda's website idea.

I am a firm believer that once you turn 65, you should have to retake your driver's test EVERY YEAR! Old people are terrible drivers and they piss me off.

I say we hunt the dinosaur or at least let the air out of her boat's tires!

Christy Jo said...

haha Oh man! I really like Amanda's idea of starting a website about her. Wow. She sounds pretty bad. My question is: what in the world is she doing at Sam Houston?? And why is she there so often? And why does she have to ruin YOUR day? I hate stupid drivers, especially ones that almost kill my friends.

Dani Nicole said...

dude old people piss me off to the extreme. like they drive 15 miles slower then the speed limit then while traffic is zooming by in the other lane u cant get over. and they take FOREVERRRRRR turning onto another street. so basically have to sit there for 5 minutes while they attempt to turn.

Jules said...

YES!!! They should also not be allowed to have the internet. Old people always call in at my work trying to figure out how to do stuff on our website, log into their account, etc... It's painfully annoying to try and help them!

-*Alisha*- said...

SERIOUSLY. I know this is your blog but you must understand I have been avid on this subject forever. IF YOU ARE TOO OLD TO WORK YOU ARE TOO OLD TO DRIVE.

Anyways..yes, of course I couldnt be left out of the wordy world of blogs..besides, I get tired of talking to myself around this damn place! Haha~Yep due dates in a week and a half but things are just rolling along so I'm sure youll hear about "the great escape of Noah" soon enough!

Aggie said...

Bad drivers are just bad drivers no matter what the age. Get her Rego and report her next time.

Amanda Leigh said...

oh honey, if we were on Lost island, I'd be the first one to starve to death.. Yall'd be eating me!