Friday, November 9, 2007

Music makes the world go 'round

A few friends (Alo & AD to be exact) have already done this post: read theirs here & here) but I felt that it would be awesome to hear my own. Here we go:

Top Ten Favorite Albums of All Time

10. A Fine Frenzy - One Cell in the Sea - 2007
I'm falling in love with this red-heads sweet sounds! Her lyrics have so much meaning behind them and I love to sing along at the top of my lungs to her tunes.
Favorite Song: "Near to You"
Song to Skip: "Minnow & the Trout"
Favorite lyric: (from "Almost Lover") "I cannot go to the ocean, I can not drive the streets at night, I can not wake up in the morning without you on my mind"

9. Lifehouse - No Name Face - 2000
Since these guys came out I've been in love with their sound ... and how could I not mention our "first dance" song?
Favorite Song: "Everything"
Song to Skip: "Hanging by a Moment"
Favorite Lyrics: (from "Breathing") "Take a breath and hold on tight, Spin around just one more time, and gracefully fall back into the arms of Grace"

8. Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism - 2003
I heard a song from them on someone's xanga a while back ago and ended up buying the CD with a 20 dollar GC that AD gave me for Christmas in 2004. Thus the love affair began ...
Favorite Song: "Tiny Vessels"
Song to Skip: "The New Year"
Favorite Lyrics: (from "Title & Registration") "There's no blame for how our love did slowly fade, And now there's nothing like it was never there at all, And here I rest where disappointment and regret collide, Lying awake at night"

7. Snow Patrol - Final Straw - 2004
This cd will always and forever remind me of a time during Christmas that Aaron and I were driving around while listening to this cd and he said "This cd will always remind me of you ... we started dating about the time that I got it ... and I can't help but think of you every time I hear it." Me too Aaron, Me too.
Favorite Song: "Run"
Song to Skip: "Gleaming Auction"
Favorite Lyrics: (from "Run") "And I can barely look at you, but every single time I do, I know we'll make it anywhere, Away from here"

6. Britney Spears - In the Zone - 2003
I don't care that people say this was about when things started going down for B. Spears ... I love this CD so freaking much!
Favorite Song: "Breathe on Me"
Song to Skip: "Remix with Madonna - Me Against the Music"
Favorite Lyrics: (from "Everytime") "I may have made it rain, Please forgive me, My weakness caused you mean, And this song is my sorry")

5. Brandi Carlile - Brandi Carlile - 2005
I also heard this on a xanga, Miss Christin's to be exact, and went out and bought the Cd almost immediately. Since then, I've had to buy it two others times ... and eventually had to buy it on Itunes.
Favorite Song: "Fall Apart Again"
Song to Skip: "Happy"
Favorite Lyrics: (from "Tragedy") "Sorry I'm only, Human you know me, Grown up oh no guess again"

4. Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway - 2004
I got this CD burned from Alo, listened to it the ENTIRE four hour trip to Austin and ended up having the CD memorized and a nice sore throat to go with it. It's amazing.
Favorite Song: "Beautiful Disaster"
Song to Skip: "Behind These Hazel Eyes" (only because it's so played out)
Favorite Lyrics: (from "Addicted") "It's like you're a leech, Sucking the life from me, It's like I can't breathe, Without you inside of me"

3. Martina McBride - Martina - 2003
This is just an all around great CD!
Favorite Song: "God's Will"
Song to Skip: "This one's for the Girls"
Favorite Lyrics: (from "God's Will") "I've been searchin', wonderin', thinkin', Lost and looking all my life, I've been wounded, jaded, loved, and hated, I've wrestled wrong and right," ... "I've been readin', writin', prayin' fightin', I guess I would be still, Yeah, that was until, I knew God's Will"

2. Death Cab for Cutie - Plans - 2005
I really really really need to eventually buy this CD on Itunes. Damn my lack of funding.
Favorite Song: "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"
Song to Skip: "Crooked Teeth"
Favorite Lyrics: (from "I Will Follow You Into the Dark") "If Heaven and Hell decide, That they are both satisfied, Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs, If there's no one beside you, When your soul embarks, Then I will follow you into the dark.

1. Snow Patrol - Open Hands - 2006
This CD got me through Aaron being away in Nebraska plus a lot of tears. Whether I'm having a great day ... or I'm having a horrible day ... this CD always gets me through.
Favorite Song: "Set Fire to the Third Bar"
Song to Skip: "Open Your Eyes"
Favorite Lyrics: (from "Set Fire to the Third Bar") "I'm miles from where you are, I lay down on the cold ground, I, I pray that something picks me up, And sets me down in your warm arms"

What about yours?


Amanda Leigh said...

yay for CD lists! I love that Britney CD too. Kelly came very close to being on my list too. I love "Beautful Disaster" and I've listened to "Addicted" so many times, my CD skips on that song.

Christin said...

good list girl! some of yours are some of mine!

you know, i think i'm going to revise this and do my top 10 favorite music videos of all time... how bout that?! :)

ps. i'm happy to be blogging more now too... ive missed it! something about writing is such a different creative outlet!

luv ya~!