Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Antipathy for Forwarded Emails

I don't know about any one else ... but when the little gmail notifier thing on my task bar lights up with a new email I get crazy excited! I press the little red envelope on my tool bar and get to reading my little treasure.

But first ... I have to scroll through 18 pages of OTHER people's email addresses.
Only to get to an email that I've already gotten from some one else, or that I've seen before, or that I don't care to see at all.

Don't get the wrong idea, I still love getting emails ... but I like them to be a bit more personal. Don't just hit the forward button and press send. Send me a little note along with it ... at LEAST delete the other addresses from all of the people that it's been sent to before.

Also, the KINDS of emails. Like the chains where they are going to kill my first born child if I don't send this email to 180348103 people from my email account.

Or all the prayer/God emails. I am a religious person. I DO believe in God. I DO pray. I DO thank God for everything that he has blessed me with in my life. So, I can't stand it when I get an email saying something like "You can send jokes to all of the people in your email list but you can't send this prayer to 10 of the people that mean the most to you"

Noooo ... I COULD but I don't think that it's going to mean that I am a better closer or that I'm closer to God because of it.

If I think that it's a really good email ... then I will send it along ... but I will also delete everyone else's names from the list before me. It's just common courtesy. Common Decency even. I don't want to know your business, who emails you on a day to day basis ... I don't care! So don't subject me to it!

Also. As I've mentioned before, EFFING RESEARCH THE EMAILS THAT YOU SEND OUT. There are a lot of people in this world that apparently get their rocks off by coming up with lying emails to send to their gullible friends.

You can't fool me!

I seriously doubt that your child died from a broken off hypodermic needle that he came into contact with in a ball pit at the nearest chuck-e-cheese.

No way! I can put my pin number in BACKWARDS and it will call the police for me at any ATM? Gosh, I guess it's a good thing my pin number isn't the same four numbers in a row right?

Bill Gates has a tracker on this email and is going to send me 1024820 dollars each time that I send it out.

I guess I can go on and on and on with this ... but anyway. Just research things before you send them to me please! Or before you send them out to anyone ... other wise you look silly.

So what did we learn?

Send me an email! I love them!! Just research them first, delete the other email addresses of those that sent it to you before you sent it me, and finally ... don't feel bad if you don't "get something back" it doesn't mean that I don't love you. It doesn't mean that I'm not praying for you. It just means that I don't see how sending something electronically to some one else is really going to matter.


Amanda Leigh said...

Thank you! I HATE HATE HATE forwarded emails. I don't send them, I don't like them, I don't want them. I delete them. I have better things to do than read those.
I have two different email addresses b/c I don't like to give people my real email address b/c then I get all these forwards. AAGH!

Aggie said...

Amen to this post! I HATE it when people who use email don't research the etiquette of sending them. Pressing forward and including other folks confidential email contacts is a HUGE no no!
All of those other "forward it on to 50,000 friends" scammers who want to collect "live" email addresses to sell on to marketing companies (read Spammers). I won't respond to them on principal and I always delete them.