Friday, November 16, 2007

Degree plans. Or: Why do University's suck?

My University implemented this new registration thing this semester, and it effing blows.

Before, they would open up registration at like 1am in the morning so the people that REALLY cared about their schedules would just have to wait up or wake up at that time so that they could register.

This year, (the year that I seriously need every thing to be perfect) they changed it. Now, we had some kind of stupid alphabetical registration by classes. They aren't counting the classes that we are in this semester so I was still considered a Junior. THEN, I didn't get to register until 9:30 Wednesday night ... because of my last name "p".

Therefore, the Spanish class that I need to take was all filled up ... and the Teaching Literature in Secondary Schools class that I HAVE to take was all filled up.

No big deal with the Spanish because there are other classes that I can take if I have too ... but also my Spanish teacher says that he is going to try his hardest to get me into his class.

But the English class ... apparently about 15 other people ALSO need to get into the class. So he is making us email him our reasons for wanting to get in the class and he will chose today and then open the class up for the students that he chooses.

My reasons are pretty good.

I need this class so that I can take methods in the Fall and then Student teach in the Spring and graduate. If I don't have this class then it will set me back from graduating by ONE CLASS! They usually don't want you to take any other classes with your methods block because it's very hard and we also have to have 70 hours of observation at different high schools that semester. But I am going to have to take a course that that time any way because it's not offered in the Spring. Which means that if I don't get into this class then I can't graduate when I need too and then I'm fucked!

I also told him that I felt that I was qualified for the class and listed all of the classes that I have taken prior to his course. Finally I asked that he please consider me for his class so that I can continue my degree plan and become a teacher by May 2009.

I should find out some time this weekend I think ... but OMG ... I'm freaking out! Not only is this going to set ME back ... but it sets our house buying back. Our baby making back. My grandpa back another semester. EVERYTHING.



Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

O yuck …
I hope you get in …

Your reasons are good!
He better let you in … or I’ll kick his ass!

O … and why is your last name still “P” ??????????

Amanda Leigh said...

wow.. I thought Lamar was the only school to do crappy stuff like that. It's like they want to keep you in school as long as possible.
I hope you make it into the class b/c it sucks having to push everything back. I graduated a semester late b/c of stupid Hurricane Rita.
I hope you have a fab weekend!

Chris said...

There should be a law against that.

Christin said...

omg rachel, that really blows.

i think, like you, the people that should get the classes they want should be the ones that are willing to register first or even pre-register.

this new rule doesn't make any sense at all... other than it could be a way for the school to be making or getting their money more quickly... so that the students are actually forced to get in there and register and not forget or wait until the last minute. does this make sense?

whatever their reason, i find it retarded.... good luck with getting what you want! oh yeah... i agree with amanda d... did you not change your last name at school? that would've helped out! ;)

hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Christy Jo said...

Yeah, that sucks. They will most likely put you in it if not having it will push back your graduation. Let us know how it goes!

Aggie said...

I hope it all works out for you.