Friday, November 9, 2007

It was fate I tell you ... Fate!

Back in February when I was in my car accident, two sets of insurance kicked in. My normal health insurance as well as my auto insurance. Well, my health insurance paid for my hospital bill, car insurance (medical) paid for the ambulance and my co-pay on the hospital bill and I figured that I was done.

Well, randomly, after everything had been payed off ... I receive another check in the mail. It's basically been sitting around because I was waiting for someone to call and tell me that they needed that check back or something to that extent.

Recently, Aaron and I were talking and I was saying that it would be freaking great to go out to California to see some friends of ours that had moved up there. He was going to take off for my Spring Break and we were going to go. However, he soon found out that he wasn't able to get off for my Spring Break because tons of people had already requested that week off for their vacation.

I got to thinking about how this would be my last Spring Break as a college Student. (I mean, technically next Spring Break I'll be student teaching ... but it'll feel like I'm really teaching ... so it's not the same) and I have NEVER done anything for my Spring Break. I've never even gone to the beach for break ... even though we have a beach like an hour from us. It's pretty pathetic ... that my entire college career I have nothing to show on the fun side of things.

So, I started talking to a friend of mine, CC, whom I've talked to online since I was 14. Way back in the day when AOL chatrooms were the greatest and the internet was taking over the world. We've kept into contact, sending cards, presents, calling each other on birthdays or in my case when people have passed away. We have a lot of the same things in common and she is a great girl! She lives in Camarillo, CA which is about 45 minutes from LA, so I asked her if I flew into LAX would she be able to pick me up and if it'd be okay for me to stay with her! Her response ABSOLUTELY!

Okay, so how am I supposed to get the money for my plane ticket? I had it all worked out ... I was going to use the money from the insurance check, but that probably wouldn't cover it all, so I'd have to also use whatever Christmas money that I got from people. I was all ready to just ask for money for Christmas (Which actually ... I still am) but anyway.

I wanted to go ahead and buy the ticket as soon as possible due to the fact that prices would be going up on air fair probably due to the higher gas prices. Well, last night, I got on and looked up the flight.
A ticket there = 99$
A ticket home = 99$
Which equaled 217.30$ after all of the taxes and security charges, etc

My insurance check? It was worth 218$$$

Fate or WHAT!?

So, I bought my ticket today ....

And you're looking at a California bound woman March 8, 2008!


Amanda Leigh said...

I'm too jealous to say anything nice, but have fun..

Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

I’m jealous too …

But I hope you have a good time … Take lots of pics too … so I can live vicariously through you …

Lord knows I’ll never have any money to go myself …

Christy Jo said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME!! You were meant to go!!!