Sunday, November 18, 2007

Go to Rehab Amy ... seriously.

Okay, before I get into this ... I would like to know who in the hell this Amy Winehouse person is to begin with? Besides seeing her at some random awards show, singing in her horrible voice, her stupid Rehab song, I've never heard of this girl!

Where did she come from? Who cares about her? Why is she important to society? Oh wait ... no one cares and she's not!

But ... because I needed something to take my time away from the paper that I'm trying to write ... you know, clear the head a bit ... I thought I'd go ahead and rant about this stupid stupid stupid girl.

First off, Wow aren't you subtle? And by you ... I mean her. Your first single is a song about Rehab? Then there are reports that your concerts suck a big one because you are so freaking intoxicated that you can't even sing correctly/remember all of the words to your songs?

And then THIS appears on the web! SERIOUSLY!? Right there on stage huh? REALLY?

Re-donk-ulous. (As Marshall would say)

I'm sorry but I wish that Famous people would read this damn thing ... and realize that they are so effing retarded. Grow up!

How can you actually want to be a performer and make money when you are trashed on stage at your concerts? All that does is make people talk about you ... and NOT in the good way. Get a life Amy Winehouse ... or at least die from an overdose of booze and cocaine ... soon please ... you are ruining good music for me.


Amanda Leigh said...

I don't understand the whole Amy Winehouse thing either. I do like the song "Rehab," but this bitch is crazy. What I don't understand is why people still spend money to see her attempt to perform. Her crackhead is husband is just as bad as she is, at least he's in jail right now.
I'm so sick of all these drugged out celebs. Maybe Amy & Britney can go to rehab together.

Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...


People who do drugs are dumb ...


Christy Jo said...

Yeah, her albums pretty good, and she's a huge deal in England, but... she's famous for her drug use. Just like Paris Hilton is famous for being a slut. It's terrible, and she should just be arrested already. I watched that clip you posted and its so pathetic that it's funny.

AND her hair is NASTY.

Jules said...

FOR REAL!!! I really don't like her music. Like, they play it on the radio and I'm thinking, ok this is kinda weird... I really DON'T see how so many people supposedly like her music? It's kind of odd and not really KISS FM material, you know? It's like she is only famous becuase she is a drug addict. That's awesome that we live in a society that glorifies people who are so obviously criminals.

Aggie said...

Her record company ought to be sued for making her perform while in that condition too! They don't give a stuff if she lives or dies so long as they make a $ off her. She needs treatement real bad.

Christin said...

word. i used to like her music bc i think she has such a different sound to her voice - but in no way would i ever be supportive of a person/artist that is trashed out all the time. seriously, she is so young and the horrible things she has done to her body will leave her dead in a few short years!

far other indie artists out there to waste my time on this coke-whore. good riddance!