Thursday, August 21, 2008


So, I've been having these really explicit pregnancy dreams.

Like, I'm pregnant and about to give birth.

I'm really really excited about it all and I feel as if we (the baby and me) have a really good connection. In fact, the labor doesn't even hurt. (Aaron says, "Well then you know it's a dream")

Last night's dream, everything was going wonderful and according to plan. I was just sitting around with the rest of the family and waiting for the doctor to get there. I kept rubbing my belly and was SUPER excited to meet the little one!

It was interesting. Very interesting.

What do you guys think it means?


tricki_nicki said...

Hmm, well, if I had to make a guess you have babies on the I right? Is your clock ticking? ;)

Thanks for the "formal" introduction. It's so nice to meet you Rachel!

Vest said...

Hello sweet gorgeous person, I did eventually gaze into your eyes. So why did you take so long to get to me?
One reason you believe your most handsome lover and husband who also has every trait you expect in a man, is his similar impression of you. Also should every trait be balanced with compromise, your future will run like a well oiled machine. Lucky you, having some local indigenous forbears would enhance his masculinity, sort of hunky dont you think. I shall stick my neck out and say when it comes to good looks, full blooded indigenous Australian (Aborigenes) got the short measure. However, Beauty is within the eye of the beholder.
My wife and I are indigenous Brits, we haved lived in several countries but now live in Australia. I still love my wife as on the first time we met, she left to go to our club tonight wearing designer top and pants with stillettos, she is 5ft 8; 55 kilos with an hour glass figure, looks about 37, but twisting the figures gives you the correct number. I am very proud of my darling.
Thank you Rachel for calling, pop in anytime. ta for now, vest.

Vest said...

I did reply to your comment on my blog on the 24th somehow with all the confusion with deletions etc it vanished into thin air.