Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Beard

OK, I have a confession to make.

I think that I'm afraid of body hair on a man.

Chest hair, facial hair, back hair (gag).

Luckily, Aaron doesn't have any of this! Something to do with his American Indian background or something of the sort, either way it works for me!

What brought this about you might ask?

I've been reading Fourth Comings by Megan Mccafferty and she has this entire description about a guy's beard. She refers to it as "The Beard" as if it's its own entity. Isn't that weird? So the entire time that I'm reading this part ... I'm really thinking about my dislike of hair. And it starts to gross me out.

Then I start thinking about how a few years ago I was hanging out with Jessica and her boyfriend at the time, and his friend and his friend's girlfriend. His friend had a bread. Like a massive beard. And his girlfriend always talked about how it smelled like a sweaty vagina. A SWEATY VAGINA ON HIS FACE! Isn't that disgusting?

So, I start thinking about how I used to date Michael and how he had facial hair and chest hair ... how did I live with that for such a long time? Ew Ew Ew.

Facial Hair even makes Ryan Gosling look less hot.

I think that all of this is the benadryl talking. But as for now, I'm thankful that the hubby does not have "the beard."

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Clare said...

If his beard smelled like sweaty vagina, doesn't that mean that SHE needs to take a bath? Seriously, folks...