Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today is the Day

Today is the last day for birth control!!!

I've been on the ring for a while now ... a year or so? Before that I was on the pill ... etc. etc. etc.

But no longer! I'm done with the ring as of today!

We are going to wait a couple of months to let the birth control completely get out of my system and start trying around April-Mayish.

Getting pregnant this summer would be absolutely PERFECT! But getting pregnant period would be perfect too!

I'm so excited to start this new time in our lives!!!!!!


All about the forensics said...

I agree, Freddy was WAY more scary. I was scared to go anywhere alone when I saw my first one. I kept thinking of that song LOL

SOOO EXCITING!!!! I know there's tons of things you can do to get ready for the baby making like eating folic acid and all that jazz =0)

Dude a dog party? How awesome!

Bogart in P Towne said...

As my buddy said "it is time to play without the goalie!"

Good luck!

Clare said...

How exciting! I've been off of birth control since the end of 2007, and we still haven't gotten knocked up. We haven't necessarily been trying "in earnest" though. Funny how Lily only took one shot...

I hope un bebe happens much more quickly for you! Don't let my comment get you down, hehe.