Saturday, February 7, 2009

Animal Crossing -- My love

I have had a love/hate relationship with Animal Crossing since it was introduced to me way back in the day (five or more years ago). At that time it was on the Nintendo Gamecube ... which I bought mainly to impress Aaron who wasn't my boyfriend at the time. (Silly Girl!)

I loved it! It's a cute-sy little game that has little animal people that live in these little houses and always want you to mail them letters with gifts in them. You've just moved into the town and you are trying to pay off your ridiculous mortgage (somewhere around 20,000 "bells" for a measly little shack.) You spend your time picking up shells, digging up fossils, fishing, or other forms of shopping. The prettier you make your town the more hilarious characters will join in! It's pretty much awesome.

It has loads of characters that are absolutely hilarious and are always "up to no good." I played it for a good while on the "cube," to the delight of my grandpa who just wanted me to fish all the time! But, it started getting a little boring. It's set in real time ... so when it's 11:48 in the real world ... it's 11:48 in their world too. If it's winter ... it's snowing there (Oh, how I wish it would snow more than a freak accident in December here!) If it's spring, there are butterflies and bees flying all over the place there. But ... if you mess with the time (you know, to get away from your own life for a second) a little character comes and yells at you about messing with the time/space continuum. So, I put it away.

But then it came out for the DS! I LOVE my DS, mind you. I have so much fun playing games like Zoo Keeper (which is kind of like bejewled, but with cute-sy little animals) ((Maybe, I just have a thing for cute-sy little animals ... but I digress.)) Or Professor Laythom's blah blah blah ... something about a curious village. (This one is a logic game ... and I love logic puzzles ... and these are actually pretty freaking difficult!) So, anyway ... Animal Crossing came to the DS! Both Aaron and I picked it up ... along with all of his dear friends and we had a blast! We would party at each others towns, swap fruit with each other so that we could get more fruit in our towns, send each other mail (which is always fun), and mainly just enjoy ourselves. Animal Crossing EVEN spawned Aaron's nickname for me "Cute Face." One of the little animals always called me that in the game and he thought it was funny ... I thought it was adorable ... and so it's stuck! But ... it got old again. New games came out that he wanted to play, I was busy with school, or television, or reading, or something else, and my DS sat on the shelf unplayed.

But THEN Animal Crossing was going to come out on the WII! I got SOOOO EXCITED! All the commercials sounded so cool and all that jazz ... so we "reserved" our copy of it and I planned on getting it for Christmas. But Aaron's friends said that it was basically the same game as on the DS and that the DS one was much more fun. So, Aaron said that he didn't want to get it for the Wii ...and I was sad. UNTIL YESTERDAY!

Yesterday, after having a healthy meal (and my first after my bout of flu) at Jason's Deli, we went to the gamestop and switched the 5 dollars from Animal Crossing on the Wii and put it towards Animal Crossing on the DS ... AGAIN!

I'm so excited! I've named my character, Cute face of course, and she has brown eyes and pink hair (this is all done randomly), and my town is called "Avonlee." I love it! It comes with a few characters to get you started ... they each have their own personalities that crack me up:

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Introducing CESAR!

He has a bad attitude most of the time. Even when he wants to talk to you ... he pretends that he doesn't and usually brushes you off quickly. Today, he asked me what my favorite part of my body was and I said "My Rump" (Because it is!) and he got extremely flustered and red ... telling me that he didn't need to hear about THOSE parts of my body. Hilarious!

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This is Pecan!

I think that we are going to be great friends. She reminds me a lot of "Bunni" which is the one that gave me the Cute Face nickname to begin with. Pecan loves getting mail and gifts and is always talking about how cute her house is and asking how her makeup looks. I think that we are going to be great friends ... (because well ... I love cute-sy little animals remember?)

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And here is Teddy!

He is "out for a run" all the time and always tells me that I'm getting a little chubby (yeah, I know Teddy ... that's why I've been going to the gym lately ... OK?) He usually calls me "Beef Cake" and sometimes gets into a serious roid rage. But, it's all in good fun.

And finally ... we have my new character. She just moved in today and I haven't been able to get to know her because she's been unpacking all day. She says that I can visit with her tomorrow ... so until then ... who knows.

Anyway, another cool thing about this game is that you get little letters from your mom. She tells you how much that she is missing you and gives you little gifts. I haven't received a letter from my mom yet ... but when I do ... I'll be so excited ... especially since my mom is unable to actually send me a real letter ...

So. If you have a DS ... get out and get this game ... then give me your code so that we can play in each other's towns!

Until then ... I leave you with this wonderful wonderful wonderful video.


All about the forensics said...

I wish they would put the animal crossing wii on ds. I dont know why I prefer playing the ds to the wii but I do. We have the guide and we used to not miss KK Slider haha I love that and Urbz. I wish they'd do another Urbz too. Professor Layton either makes me feel very smart or very dumb. I've almost beat it though!!!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Is it sad that the one thing I took away is a yearning for ginger bread muffins from Jason's?

jennifer said...

You are much younger and cooler than I am. I spent a wee bit of time (not to be confused with Wii bit of time) playing Guitar Hero. And that was it. Nothing has ever meant much to me since Pacman and Frogger. On the Atari.

I posted your conversation heart answer!!

Have a great week.

Melissa said...

Oh, man, I don't think I've played a video game since Galaga in the
80's. Now if that's available on the Wii, let me know and I'll write love stories to it on my blog!

Lillian's Mom said...

I want a DS... =o(