Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I got my pillow!

I won an awesome pillow from Mormon Mommy Blogs!

Now, it resides on our bed and it's lovely!

I'd post a picture of it ... but I'm sick. And tired.

(reminds me of an old Cosby stand-up)

Anyway ... I'll post it later. When I get up. Or after I go to sleep and wake up again. Or ... later.

But know this, I'm super duper grateful!


Melissa said...

I remember the stand-up!

And isn't everything you win awesome--just because you won it?
Crap you wouldn't have in your garage all of the sudden becomes beautiful, simply by winning it!

Hope you feel better soon!

I'm not sarcastic... said...

Hi! It's Kristin from Xanga. My site is protected here, just like Xanga, so I'll need your e-mail addy to invite you.

I'm not sarcastic... said...

ps how did you get this super cool layout? I'm not very familiar w/ Blogger.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel, it's hanaleiway.... =)