Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another rant about something maternity related ...

Aaron and I went shopping today to pick up some last minute items for my hospital bag. You know, the one that I'm supposed to be packing ... probably right now ... oops. The main thing that I needed was night clothes for the hospital, lanisoh, pacifers, and maternity bras.

We went to the "Bra Specialist" for the maternity bras. Yeah, we have to go to a specialty shop for these bazooma's because the regular maternity stores make me look like I'm going to enter myself in a teeny weeny bikini contest. Seriously, the only thing the regular store bras cover is PART of a nipple.

Maternity bras ... check.

Off to Target to see about some PJs and the other items on the list. Target's maternity line is lacking. Seriously. Every time I go, I never find ANYTHING. Reasons why I am STILL going have yet to be discovered. I'll just blame it on being too lazy to drive all the way to the mall this time.

I picked up some pants that'll work just fine ... and went around trying to find some tops. Nope. None. Nada. So, I'm stuck wearing the same last three cotton comfy shirts that my stomach still fits in for my PJ shirts while in the hospital. Aaron says that he can't WAIT until I can start wearing regular shirts again and he will never have to see these shirts (three exactly the same just a different color) again.

But dangit if they aren't comfortable ...

Oh, and one last thing. I can't STAND nicknames for pacifiers. I will ONLY be referring to my child's pacifier by its true name "pacifier." None of this, nuk nuk, or nunu, or nom nom, or paci, or whatever. Gag.

I guess this is enough procrastinating ... I mine as well go and pack my bag and get it over with ... who knows, maybe Liam WILL decide to come early. Doubtful, very doubtful ...

But just in case ... room ready!

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Fran Hill said...

You're going to have to start teaching this baby how to say 'pacifier' from day one before it becomes a noo-noo.

Little Miss English Teacher said...

Oh yeah ... I absolutely will! I know that I have my work cut out for me :)

The Absence of Alternatives said...

I love the color scheme you selected for the room! Finally, something NOT powder blue... And I love the wall decor. We never call pacifiers by any nickname either. But my sons never took to pacifiers which made it harder to keep them from crying. Good thing you are an English teacher, so he should have no problem learning long words from a young age. ;-)