Friday, January 29, 2010

Induction scheduled for Monday


There is a full moon tomorrow. Like, a super full moon. Apparently, it's a really rare one where the Moon will be the closest EVER to the Earth, meaning the gravitational pull of water will be even greater ... or something.

So, here's hoping for water breakage tomorrow and labor to start shortly after!

I'm READY! I'm SOOO ready!

Let's get this thing on the road! I'm tired of having random contractions that have no substance and no rhythm, bring on the GOOD ones.

I'm dilated to a 2 and over 60% effaced ... so that's DO THIS!

Otherwise, I'll be stuck with Pitocin ... and I hear that stuff HURTSSSSS.

Oh, and I swear, if my baby gets any bigger ... he's going to rip me in half. He's something like 8+ lbs. My doctor says "Will he fit? It'll be close! But, there's no point in not trying."

So, please pray for a healthy delivery and no c-section ... I barely have ANY time to take off from school (Stupid unpaid maternity leave) and really don't want to have to spend the entire thing on recovery from a C.

Next time you hear from me ... there might be a little baby to post pictures of!

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Fran Hill @ Being Miss said...

I hope that you do what I did and that is start just before they get to induce you. You feel like you've done a magic trick.